Angular Testing Series: How to add Jest to Angular project smoothly

Angular Testing Series: How to add Jest to Angular project smoothly

How to add Jest to Angular project and why we should consider it?

When we have a chance to participate in an Angular project from the very beginning, we probably have an impact on many architectural aspects. One of these aspects is the selection of an appropriate techniques and testing tools. In plethora of projects, the standard tool that comes with Angular is used: Karma and Jasmine.

However, it is important to realize that the choice of Test Runner is not limited to Karma. For some reasons, it is worth taking an interest in Jest.

What possible benefits does bring Jest to your project? 📘

  • Faster experience and parallelized test runs out of box
  • Various functionalities provided with Jest CLI that support work efficiency
  • Simple faking, spying and mocking
  • Built-in assertions and code coverage
  • Typescript support

… and honestly, many more functionalities that you can read about in the documentation. Now, let’s focus on the practical aspect and purpose, which is adding JEST to your Angular project.

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