How to prepare for the Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

How to prepare for the Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

In this Tutorial, we will show you how to prepare for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam.

In this article, we will show how to prepare yourself for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam (AZ-900).

Exam Overview

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certificate exam measures your foundational level knowledge on four main areas. This includes:

  • The different cloud computing concepts, with relative questions weight in the exam up to 20%
  • How to describe the main Azure services, with relative questions weight in the exam up to 35%
  • Describing Azure Security, privacy, compliance, and trust, with relative questions weight in the exam up to 30%
  • Describing Azure pricing and support, with relative questions weight in the exam up to 25%

If you are new to the Microsoft Azure world, or you plan to take any Associate or Expert level Azure certificate, it is highly recommended to start with the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam. For more information, check this article, It is time to specify your Microsoft Certifications path.

You can easily schedule the exam from the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam page.

Certificate Candidate

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam is designed as a beginner level exam, for those who are interested in learning the cloud computing concept and concentrate on the cloud services that are provided by Microsoft Azure.

This exam is recommended as a first step for the non-technical candidates, such as the sales who will be involved in presenting, selling or purchasing cloud-based solutions and services, and the technical engineers who plan to validate their cloud-based knowledge or prepare for higher-level Azure certificates.

Study Guideline

In order to prepare yourself for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam, you can go through the 12-module Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Learning Path self-study course provided by Microsoft that helps you in getting the basic knowledge required to pass that exam.

If you are not interested in reading the pages and prefer to listen, you can subscribe to any online course such as UdemyPLURALSIGHT or any other training provided by training sites and centers.

Take into consideration that this exam consists of a large number of topics. And in order to pass this exam, you need to gain general knowledge about each topic without mastering it, as each topic will have its own certification path. For me, I prefer to be fully prepared for the certificates exams and gain all the required knowledge in order to be able to provide training in the courses I am certified in and apply these skills in my customers’ sites.

To help you in passing that exam, I will list all the topics that are measured in this exam and the resources that are needed to be familiar with each topic:

azure microsoft azure

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