PhP MySQL Projects

PhP MySQL Projects

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Description PHP Projects in Urdu is a comprehensive course. It has five PHP projects in Urdu. Each project is created from scratch. You will get source code of each project as well. The list of 5 projects is as under:

Project 1: Find and Replace Application Project 2: Building an Email Marketing Application Project 3: Creating a Contact Form Project 4: Building a Search Engine For Database Project 5: Building a PHP Quiz Application As this is an intermediate level course so it has some requisites as well

This is a Urdu/Hindi video course

Who this Course is for:

Anyone who wants to learn Web development Who wants to become a PHP Developer Basic knowledge You must have basic knowledge about PHP and Mysql You must be able to write HTML and CSS as well What will you learn How to Find and Replace Application How to Build an Email Marketing Application How to Create a Contact Form How to Build a Search Engine For Database How to Build a PHP Quiz Application To continue:

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