How Goibibo's PWA improved conversions by 60%

How Goibibo's PWA improved conversions by 60%

Learn how Goibibo, India’s top online travel company, achieved a 60% increase in conversions by building reliable user experiences between their PWA and iOS/Android apps.

Goibibo is India's leading online travel booking portal. By building a full-featured and reliable Progressive Web App that matched the capabilities of their iOS and Android apps, Goibibo achieved a 60% increase in conversions (compared to their previous web flow).

Highlighting the opportunity #

In their journey to improve user experience, Goibibo noticed a few trends:

  • With users either already shifted or quickly shifting to mobile, their initial strategy towards mobile web was to build a lightweight and functional application. This worked, with search-to-details-page conversions equalizing on web and iOS/Android, but the iOS/Android apps won in all further steps of the conversion funnel.
  • There were significant drop offs at the payment stage of the PWA compared to their iOS/Android apps. This was when they decided to invest in their PWA with the goal of letting users experience the same UX on their PWA as on their iOS/Android apps.
  • They also noticed nearly 20% of their users were starting a session on the web and converting on the app. This reiterated their belief that a chunk of users will go untapped without an aligned PWA and iOS/Android app strategy.


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