Is Java Really Faster Than Go?

Is Java Really Faster Than Go?

Is Java Really Faster Than Go? Earlier I blogged that Go is better than Java. I wanted to start from some earlier work, to prove to my colleagues that Go is as fast as Java and quick to start up. Speed is critical for serverless since the process can be stopped.

Learning about performance differences between microservices written in Java and Go will help you plan the language you choose when building your own services.

Researching Earlier Java/Go Benchmarks

Earlier I  blogged that Go is better than Java, but it lacked evidence and datapoints. I wanted to start from some earlier work, to prove to my colleagues that Go is as fast as Java and quick to start up. Speed is critical for serverless since the process can be stopped when not in use and started again from cold to serve a request!

So after searching for “Java Go” comparisons I was surprised to find a benchmark article by Ivan Nikitsenka (original author) at the top of results:

Which concluded that Java can serve twice as many simultaneous users  as the Go application.


Is that true?! Can Java’s lazily just-in-time compiler be faster than a Go static binary?! Can I reproduce his results!?

Reproducing the Results

To the original author’s credit, he publishes the source of his Java and  Golang application as well as  how he tested with Jmeter, his results AND how to run it all on a neutral playing ground of  AWS via Cloudformation!

I ran it locally on my T14s Thinkpad and indeed the Go application was erroring compared to the “springboot” Java app. Despite the bank-go image weighing in at 10.2MB compared to the 991MB image size of bank-java and consuming a lot less resources whilst running:

Java running with docker statsGo running with docker stats

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