From Product Idea to $100 in Two Weeks

From Product Idea to $100 in Two Weeks

Today, the product managed to get to the $100-in-profit mark. In this post, I’ll give the complete breakdown of how I did it, what were the numbers, and which tools I used. None of the companies and products mentioned here paid me in any way.

The story of Uhmmm, including the tools, numbers, and learnings. Two weeks ago I started working on UHMMM. Today, the product managed to get to the $100-in-profit mark. 

In this post, I’ll give the complete breakdown of how I did it, what were the numbers, and which tools I used. None of the companies and products mentioned here paid me in any way. All my recommendations are based strictly on my experience.

A short intro before we begin: who am I?

My name is Jonathan, I am a 26 y/o Computer Science student. I love the internet, and I always wanted to build something that I can put out there, but I never did. If you’re reading this and think “I always wanted to build something as well!”, or if you always had this one great idea, I hope that this post will inspire you to act on it.

Let’s jump right in.

Day 1: September 26th

While talking with a bunch of friends, a silly idea came up: What if we play elevator music when online meetings go silent? 

I liked the idea and decided that it’s time to go all-in and start developing. I had a domain that I previously bought (, which seemed like a great fit for this product, so I just used this one.

Two notes about domains

  1. A good domain will help people remember your app and spread the word. If I bought, there’s a small chance anyone would have remembered that.
  2. One of the best services I found for domain management is Cloudflare. They give you complete control over your DNS, analytics, extra apps, DDoS protection, and much more (and that’s just on the free plan!).

Now, it’s time to start developing!

Day 0: September 27th

I am working on a Windows machine. But it seemed to me that my product will appeal to techies. So I figured that I should develop Uhmmm in a cross-platform language (A bet that paid off later, continue reading). 

Now, my background is in Data Science. I’ve only been using Python for the past 6 years. So I had no clue about which language to choose and what to use.

In comes GitHub Student Pack. This pack contains a list of curated products and services that can help developers build better products. The pack is aimed at students, and therefore really useful for beginners.

A note about the pack

The GitHub student pack is probably one of the greatest gifts I ever received. I highly recommend that you check it out if you’re a student. You’ll see that most of the tools I used here are from there. Thank you, GitHub!

One of the tools in the pack is called Xojo: a cross-platform app development tool. It seemed like a perfect fit for me, so I started playing around with it.


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