Matching Quality with Speed in Testing

Matching Quality with Speed in Testing

Kualitee is a leading Issue tracking tool that helps with reporting, logging, and addressing defects and issues, so your product is totally defect-free.

Today in competitive times, it's imperative for the applications to be as advanced, complicated, and accurate as they will be. there's no scope for any disparities or delay. it's an incontrovertible fact that the most important concern of a corporation today is that the unmatched quality of the software to be delivered speedily. While this seems too good to be true, it's the necessity of an hour and organizations don't have the other choice to thrive within the competitive market.

Moving Intelligently in Competitive Times In the times of DevOps and Agile of software development and testing, it's important to satisfy the time goals for survival, while maintaining the standard and keeping the value at the lower side. This is often really difficult and seems impossible for several legacy organizations who recoil from adopting the new technologies and methods. Their codes developed are still not tested within the initial phase while the continued development, and therefore the greater the dimensions of the code, the greater the damage thanks to critical bugs!

So, when questioning between quality and speed, the first thing would be to check the unit code because it is developed, in order that the defects are captured using defect tracking software and managed within the earlier phases. Practising this method also will save cost and time as you proceed within the race for the discharge of quality software.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is Changing the Game Automated defect tracking software is that the answer to the priority that organizations have regarding the delivery of Quality at Speed. Today, many organizations have started adopting continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) for automation and testing objectives. CI/CD lets the developers and testers continuously test, deliver, and implement the changes that happen along the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) without compromising on the standard. Basically, it allows the real-time detection and solution of the bugs as they arise, hence minimizing the prospect for errors at a later stage.

All about Parallel Testing and Parallel Environments The growing number of browsers and devices today are often a challenge to check your software swiftly and efficiently.

Parallel testing is your ticket to rapid testing and a faster rotation in operations!

Also, while testing software applications or websites with defect tracking software, it's essential to recollect that point may be a crucial factor. Here, Parallel testing involves the rescue and allows you to speed up testing and do more QA’ing with a tighter timeframe between deployments.

For example, previously you were testing the software compatibility just for Chrome and Firefox, but now you see that you simply got to test an equivalent in Android & iOS devices and Safari & multiple versions of Internet Explorer too. Instead of running tests in succession, parallel testing allows you to execute multiple tests across different environments at an equivalent time, thus saving tons of time!

Parallel Testing is often done by fixing multiple machines, devices or by using cloud test services like SauceLabs or LambdaTest. Additionally, it also offers a definite advantage of isolating the specified test cases and executing them to a selected OS or browser, allowing the testers to dedicate their significant resources and time for critical problems with cross-platform compatibility.

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