Reduce mental energy with C# 9

Reduce mental energy with C# 9

When you think how much time you spend reviewing code, it adds up and can turn into a big annoyance.

Note: Originally published five months before the official release of C## 9, I’ve updated this post after the release to capture the latest updates.

This is a humbling yet completely accurate fact: you spend much more time reading code than writing it. Any experienced programmer will tell you the reading-to-writing ratio is easily 5-to-1 or even 10-to-1. You’re understanding how things work. You’re hunting for bugs. You’re scrolling past code with thoughts like, “_Nope, doesn’t apply … doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter …_” until you have to pause and think, and spend a silly amount of time trying to understand how something works.

It could be a developer trying to be clever, or an unfortunate function with an arrow-shaped pattern … you know, a variety of things. Whatever the case, it interrupts your flow. When you think how much time you spend reviewing code, it adds up and can turn into a big annoyance.

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