Brother printer connected to WiFi but not printing

Brother printer connected to WiFi but not printing

Brother printer connected to WiFi but not printing, Brother printer not printing Have you ever been in a situation where your Brother printer connected to WiFi but not printing the documents? If yes, then you know how annoying this situation could be.  Finding yourself stuck in the middle of printing something can

Are you facing a Brother printer connected to WiFi but not printing issue? Is your Brother printer stops printing? If Yes, you’re at the right place! Here, you will get to know the troubleshooting tips for fixing errors with your Brother printer.

Technology is evolving continuously. Printers are in huge demand for a long time and fulfilling the demand of getting a print of documents and pictures. Brother printers are one of the best quality printers known for best brands all around the world for products including cameras, scanners, and printers.

Brother printer not printing is a common issue for the users of brother printer. The users may find these issues for various reasons such as poor connectivity issues, server issues, outdated drivers, cartridge jam, wireless setup issues, and many more.

Look at the below things that you need to check when your Brother printer connected to WiFi but not printing. You can easily fix this issue by following some simple steps.

Firstly, you have to check for paper jam issues with your Brother printer. You may face this issue when you do not use your printer for a long time and dust is get accumulated in your printer.

Check the ink cartridge of your printer as an insufficient amount of ink in the cartridge create problems.

Half-filled cartridge and ink-filled more than required in the cartridge also creates trouble in the printing process. 

When you fill more ink in the cartridge from the required amount then it overflows and even also blocks the printer head that creates not printing issue. 

Make sure that the ink nozzle is not blocked. When you do not use the printer for a long time then it causes a glitch due to which you may face difficulty in printing. 

Once you checked all of the above points, the next step that you need to perform is to fix the “Brother printer connected to WiFi but not printing” issue.

Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Brother Printer Connected to WiFi but not Printing

Follow the below steps to resolve Brother printer connected to WiFi but not printing issue effectively:

Set up your **[Brother printer wifi setup]( "Brother printer wifi setup")** to print as a default option. It has been found several times that due to changes in the default printing option, users face difficulty in connecting their printer to WiFi connection and printing process. 

Make sure that your printer drivers are not corrupt or faulty as they may create problems in the printing process during establishing a connection with your printer.  

Update your printer driver to the latest version to avoid issues. It is good to check for upgrades from time to time for your printer driver.

If you have given the command to print multiple pages and during this process, you get an error then cancel the running command immediately. After this, try to print the documents with a new command. 

Check the hardware status of your Brother printer from time to time to keep yourself safe from these types of glitches and to get smooth printing. 

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily fix the Brother printer connected to WiFi but not printing issue without any trouble and can enjoy high-quality printing.

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