5 Enterprise Developer Blogs You Should Check Out

5 Enterprise Developer Blogs You Should Check Out

Learn from the best JavaScript stacks in the world

Thank God, many big companies run developer blogs.

We can learn a lot from how they are using technology in practice (and admittedly, it’s also pretty exciting).

Here are 5 well-known companies that blog about their JavaScript use.

But first — what can we learn from their content?

Theoretical knowledge in practice

We all know so much technology that we don’t even use ourselves. At least, we’ve heard about a lot of things. But how are they used in practice?

That’s exactly what you can learn from the tech blogs of the big companies.

They use technologies that are completely irrelevant for ordinary mortals in practice — that’s what I find so interesting.

Case studies

One likes to look at one’s own craft very skeptically. But when large companies with competent teams make decisions? — Then, there is usually a lot of thorough consideration and investigation behind it.

They test their ideas, take clean measurements, and have representative usage data. You can learn from their decisions and see how well, for example, a move from JS to WebAssembly works.

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