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[Guide] How to Write a Covid-19 Call Center Script

In the current situation, many call centers have to adapt old or write new COVID-19 call center scripts, as the work of many companies has changed in the environment of the pandemic.

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[Guide] How to Write a Covid-19 Call Center Script
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Osiki Douglas


Data Scientist Creates Python Script To Track Available Slots For Covid Vaccinations

Bhavesh Bhatt, Data Scientist from Fractal Analytics posted that he has created a Python script that checks the available slots for Covid-19 vaccination centres from CoWIN API in India. He has also shared the GitHub link to the script.

The YouTube content creator posted, “Tracking available slots for Covid-19 Vaccination Centers in India on the CoWIN website can be a bit strenuous.” “I have created a Python script which checks the available slots for Covid-19 vaccination centres from CoWIN API in India. I also plan to add features in this script of booking a slot using the API directly,” he added.

We asked Bhatt how did the idea come to fruition, he said, “Registration for Covid vaccines for those above 18 started on 28th of April. When I was going through the CoWIN website –, I found it hard to navigate and find empty slots across different pin codes near my residence. On the site itself, I discovered public APIs shared by the government [] so I decided to play around with it and that’s how I came up with the script.”

Talking about the Python script, Bhatt mentioned that he used just 2 simple python libraries to create the Python script, which is datetime and requests. The first part of the code helps the end-user to discover a unique district_id. “Once he has the district_id, he has to input the data range for which he wants to check availability which is where the 2nd part of the script comes in handy,” Bhatt added.

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Aketch Rachel


How Is TCS Helping With COVID-19 Testing In India

COVID-19 cases have only been on the rise. With the non-availability of effective drugs and vaccines, one of the effective ways to control it is to detect it early in patients. However, the task is easier said than done. While a large number of test kits are being produced, they are not enough to conduct testing in large numbers.

Government-run body, C-CAMP or Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platform, has been a key enabler in driving COVID-19 testing as it has been aggressively building, managing and scaling the ecosystem of MSMEs to produce test kits indigenously. However, they might not be enough.

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Outsourcing Services | IT, KPO, BPO Services | DK Business Patron

DK Business Patron is one of the most regarded and respected outsourcing company in India, which has also done various noticeable works over the world. Following their custom of ceaselessly being one step ahead in the game, they have dispatched a Call Center Outsourcing and Services Group in USA. This launch will be critical in the organization’s prosperity ahead.

Being at such a good place in the market, the group at DK business Patron is perseveringly trying to draw out extra, dependent upon the current needs and situation. Their responsiveness and dedication towards their customers are the riddle of their prosperity.

Every organization is looking for ways to deal with decrease their operational cost with the objective that the money utilized here can be put for better use. For this, outsourcing services come supportive. This is the reason behind the expanded fame of outsourcing company. The affiliations that will connect with DK business Patron will have various inclinations as they ensure services at minimum cost with guaranteed best quality following industry standards.

The abroad clients were growing a result of the outstanding trust of clients in the association and its responsive lead towards business. It got principal for a Call Center Outsourcing and Services Group in the country that controls the whole market: USA.

An outsourcing division in USA providing both inbound and outbound call center services will empower the association to have better relations with foreign clients and respond to their solicitations even more reasonably and absolutely.

Such improvements by DK Business Patron have involved time and not if, thinking about its amazing market strategies. Such more current advancements are persistently adding to the firm’s worth and opening a wide cluster of chances for the association with the dispatch of each new unit.

According to the reports, this launch by the outsourcing giant is expected to be the standard vehicle to impel their incredible organizations and excellent work abroad. With this addition in the US division, DK Business Patron is taking their US division higher than ever. The primary services provided will be **telemarketing services, technical support services, live chat & email support services, and market research and analytics. These increments of new administrations will show the dedication of the association to the abroad clients and will be a privilege for the destiny of the affiliation. Every one of these administrations may seem, by all accounts, to be equivalent, yet are inside and out various. Each of these services requires various pros and master which the DK business Patron has with them.

Looking at the different reasons behind presenting a call center outsourcing services in the US division and addressing the good assistance profile that DK business Patron has over the world, the new division in US is relied on to make an etching for the relationship in the overall piece more unequivocally than it did as of now. This is likewise because there was at that point a ton of outsourcing services to US done by the company.

Having presented outsourced call center services abroad, especially in a country like the US, where there is so much intrigue, will help the association in attracting more clients and broaden their organization. This is the essential clarification behind moving tasks to the US.** DK Business Patron** is alluded to as pioneers in the market as they get open doors before others could even think about it.
Concerning the upgradations that DK business Patron has been industriously making, more can be expected shortly. The gifted group at DK business Patron is perpetually busy with bringing to their customers competent and highly trained experts to keep up to the cravings of their abroad clients and outfit them with the best in the business of call center solutions.

The veneration and reverence of this esteemed affiliation are accomplishing volume step by step and goodly impact their International relationship with abroad customers. This makes DK business supporter a triumph across the country as over the globe as an outsourcing company, having customers from various establishments and various nations confiding in them with their center administrations for a long time now.

Seeing the headways and consistent innovations made in the association as a call center outsourcing company, the market is eyeing their next declaration.

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Abigail  Cassin

Abigail Cassin


How The New AI Model For Rapid COVID-19 Screening Works?

With the current pandemic spreading like wildfire, the requirement for a faster diagnosis can not be more critical than now. As a matter of fact, the traditional real-time polymerase chain reaction testing (RT-PCR) using the nose and throat swab has not only been termed to have limited sensitivity but also time-consuming for operational reasons. Thus, to expedite the process of COVID-19 diagnosis, researchers from the University of Oxford developed two early-detection AI models leveraging the routine data collected from clinical reports.

In a recent paper, the Oxford researchers revealed the two AI models and highlighted its effectiveness in screening the virus in patients coming for checkups to the hospital — for an emergency checkup or for admitting in the hospital. To validate these real-time prediction models, researchers used primary clinical data, including lab tests of the patients, their vital signs and their blood reports.

Led by a team of doctors — including Dr Andrew Soltan, an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Professor David Clifton from Oxford’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering, and Professor David Eyre from the Oxford Big Data Institute — the research initiated with developing ML algorithms trained on COVID-19 data and pre-COVID-19 controls to identify the differences. The study has been aimed to determine the level of risk a patient can have to have COVID-19.

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Bitcoin Exchange script | Cryptocurrency Exchange Script | Free Live Demo @ Coinsclone

Hey peeps, Hope you all are safe & going well

Many entrepreneurs & startups are interested to start a crypto exchange platform by using a cryptocurrency exchange script, you know why??? Let me explain. Before that, you need to know what is a cryptocurrency exchange script???

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Script???

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is an upgrade version of all exchange platforms, it is also called ready-made script or software. By using the crypto exchange script you can launch your crypto trading platform instantly. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start your crypto exchange business. Also, it helps to launch your exchange platform within 7 days.

Benefits of Bitcoin Exchange Script:

  • Customizing options - They will help you to build your cryptocurrency exchange platform based on your business needs.
  • Monitor and Engage - You can easily monitor the work process
  • Beta module - You can test your exchange in the Beta module
  • Cost-effective - The development will be around $8k - $15k (It may be vary based on the requirement)
  • Time-Period - You can launch your exchange within 1 week

Best Trading & Security Features of Bitcoin Exchange Script:

  • Multi-language
  • IEO launchpad,
  • Crypto wallet,
  • Instant buying/selling cryptocurrencies
  • Staking and lending
  • Live trading charts with margin trading API and futures 125x trading
  • Stop limit order and stop-loss orders
  • Limit maker orders
  • Multi-cryptocurrencies Support
  • Referral options
  • Admin panel
  • Perpetual swaps
  • Advanced UI/UX
  • Security Features [HTTPs authentication, Biometric authentication, Jail login, Data encryption, Two-factor authentication, SQL injection prevention, Anti Denial of Service(DoS), Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) protection, Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) protection, Escrow services, Anti Distributed Denial of Service]

The More Important one is “Where to get the best bitcoin exchange script?”

Where to get the best bitcoin exchange script?

No one couldn’t answer the question directly because a lot of software/script providers are available in the crypto market. Among them, finding the best script provider is not an easy task. You don’t worry about that. I will help you. I did some technical inspection to find the best bitcoin exchange script provider in the techie world. Speaking of which, one software provider, Coinsclone got my attention. They have successfully delivered 100+ secured bitcoin exchanges, wallets & payment gateways to their global clients. No doubt that their exchange software is 100% bug-free and it is tightly secured. They consider customer satisfaction as their priority and they are always ready to customize your exchange based on your desired business needs.

Of course, it kindles your business interest; but before leaping, you can check their free live demo at Bitcoin Exchange Script.

Are you interested in business with them, then connect their business experts directly via

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