50+ Object Detection Datasets from different industry domains

50+ Object Detection Datasets from different industry domains

50+ Object Detection Datasets from different industry domains. A list of object detection and image segmentation datasets (With colab notebooks for training and inference) to explore and experiment with different algorithms on!

Computer Vision is such a fast-paced field that everyday loads of new techniques and algorithms are presented in different conferences and journals. When it comes to object detection, theoretically you learn about multitudes of algorithms like Faster-rcnn, Mask-rcnn, Yolo, SSD, Retinenet, Cascaded-rcnn, Peleenet, EfficientDet, CornerNet…. This list is never-ending!

It is always beneficial to consolidate your learning experience by applying it on different datasets!!!!

This way you tend to understand the algorithms better, plus you get an intuition over which algorithms work on what kind of datasets.

Our opensource team at [Monk Computer Vision Org_](https://github.com/Tessellate-Imaging/Monk_Object_Detection) compiled a list of object detection, image segmentation and action recognition datasets and created short tutorials over each of them for you to utilize these datasets and try out different object detection algorithms_

Mentioned below is a shortlist of object detection datasets, brief details on the same, and steps to utilize them. The datasets are from the following domains

★ Agriculture

★ Advance Driver Assistance and Self Driving Car Systems

★ Fashion, Retail, and Marketing

★ Wildlife

★ Sports

★ Satellite Imaging

★ Medical Imaging

★ Security and Surveillance

★ Underwater Imaging

….. and much more!!!!!

_The complete list at one place is available with associated usage instructions and training codes on [github_](https://github.com/Tessellate-Imaging/Monk_Object_Detection/tree/master/application_model_zoo)

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