AI & ML Can Open Up Space For Drones To Demonstrate Full Potential

AI & ML Can Open Up Space For Drones To Demonstrate Full Potential

To understand the involvement of AI to enhance drone solutions, we spoke to Karthik Shankaran, the CIO of Detroit Engineered Products.

The demand for drones in the market has seen an incredible upsurge lately. As a matter of fact, the convenience of remote monitoring and its flexibility in harsh terrains has considerably increased the popularity of drone technology across segments like eCommerce, agriculture, warfare, to name a few, which was unthinkable a decade ago. 

According to data, the current global market size of drone technology is about $14 billion and is expected to grow to $43 billion by the year 2024. The major chunk of this growth can be attributed to its significant usage in commercial deliveries. Currently, there are several drones start-up companies in India, which focus on the development, manufacturing, providing analytics platform for drone solutions. Some prominent names include Bangalore-based EDALL SYSTEMS and Skylark Drones and Delhi-based Atom Drones.  

Having said that, while drones have seen a significant market boost, it comes with safety, security and privacy concerns, where it has been constantly scrutinised to be deployed for exploiting their security and privacy of individuals. Further, there were also cases where criminals, drug cartels and terrorists have used drones. To dig more in-depth on the drone technology and the involvement of artificial intelligence to enhance drone solutions, Analytics India Magazine spoke to Karthik Shankaran, the Chief Innovation Officer of Detroit Engineered Products (DEP). 

To set the context — DEP is a product development house where customers focus strictly on drone development. While other companies work on the development and manufacturing of drones, DEP offers drone development as-a-service and solution offering, making it preferable for collaboration in solution development. With DEP, customers can get their product/solutions developed during any stage of drone development — from the conceptual phase to prototype and production. The company has the expertise and experience in the development of both rotor drones (Quadcopter) as well as fixed-wing drones.

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