State in ReactJS

State in ReactJS

The state is an updatable structure that is used to contain data or information about the component. The state in a component can change over time.

The State of a component is an object that holds some information that may change over the lifetime of the component. Let's understand the concept with an example of our daily life. Let’s say there is a bulb that is turned off. When I turn the switch on, the bulb turns on. So basically, the bulb has 2 states, on and off. When an action is performed i.e.(turning the switch on here is an action) the state changed from off to on. See the below image so that you can understand the basic concept.

The state is an updatable structure that is used to contain data or information about the component. The state in a component can change over time. The change in state over time can happen as a response to user action or system events. A component with the state is known as** stateful components or class components**.

Refer here for class and functional-based components.

Handling state

Handling state was only possible in a class component until React 16.8 was released. But when React Hooks(useState) was introduced, it allows developers to write stateful functional components. Hook in complete detail we will study later on.

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