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Uber for Babysitters: A Quick Way To Book Nannies...

Uber for Babysitters: A Quick Way To Book Nannies For Quality Child Care

Time for quality parenting has become a luxurious thing in recent years due to heavy work schedules and the lack of time to spend on child care. This raises new online services in the market, say nannies or babysitters. 

We all know that the Uber business model is a stunning one in the market where it connects people with service providers in a smart way. So the ultimate conclusion is integrating babysitters into uber to digitize child care services effectively. 

This blog presents the details regarding how our Uber For Babysitters service script plays an essential role to connect the nannies with parents smartly. Also, how it brings good fame to babysitters and the features support to gain high-revenue easily.

Why Uber for Babysitters Essential for New-Age Parents?

Work schedules and many commitments may cause the new-age parents to leave a home. They have no time to take care of their children and need a babysitter constantly. Earning by offering high-quality care is the essence of babysitting. Bridging the needs and babysitter availability is the most demanding one for service providers. 

After the rise of web or mobile app platforms, the bridge is a stable one and it is convenient too. Uber for babysitters is an essential option for new age parents. Why?. Here are the reasons.

  • Irrespective of day or night time, the need for babysitters must be fulfilled.
  • The in-app pay option allows the parents to pay the service fee online itself.
  • Requests generation and acceptance via nearby babysitters are easy.
  • The in-app call or message option allows all the parents to discuss nuances with babysitters easily. 
  • Review or rating system included in the babysitter app identifies the top-rated babysitters quickly.
  • All serious babysitting apps require online verification to ensure a trusted environment. 

Due to the above reasons, the Uber For Babysitters is the most needed option for new-age parents to hire trusted nannies for their child care needs. Owing to this huge demand for babysitter booking apps, Trioangle develops the right babysitter script with all the essential features. These features can bring you good fame and revenue at babysitters’ doorstep. 

Top Demanding Feature Set of Uber for Babysitters to Earn Good Fame 

Acquiring familiarity is not a one-day task and it largely depends on the feature set you considered during the app development. Trioangle provides an opt uber for babysitters that include the following features for assured familiarity to babysitters. 

Online Babysitter Availability

The availability toggle allows the babysitter to switch over between on or off to receive more appointments from the customers. Further, this availability allows the customers to make a wise decision in selecting the right babysitter among various service providers. 

Smart Babysitter Profile

Before hiring the babysitter, the new age parents look at their profile to know their skills and experience in the field. The inclusion of customer reviews in the profile brings more appointments from the customers. As soon as the new experience is gained, the instant update in the profile receives more appointments a day and hence good fame is an assured one. 

Build a Social Community

By making the babysitters and the nannies login via social media accounts, our uber for babysitters app makes it easy for you to build a social community easily. Parents who are in social media can have easy access to this portal, identify and book the babysitters instantly. This brings good fame to babysitters across social-media platforms. 

Multi-Lingual Support

The main aspect to look into is communication. The in-app chat with multi-lingual support enables babysitters to do services across many regions without any language restrictions. This allows you to expand your services and get real fame in the market. 

How to Monetize Your Uber for Babysitters App? 

Besides getting fame, how far does the Uber For Babysitters app supports you to get more revenue easily? The monetization model of Uber for babysitters app includes different options that drive more revenue and is expressed in the following aspects. 

Hiring Commission

The babysitter service provider sets a certain percentage in the booking fee as a commission. Assigning a charge for babysitters to work on this platform makes you gain revenue easily. 

Subscription Plans

As a babysitter service provider, you must keep the customers for the long term for assured revenue. Subscription options play a major role that makes you build a long-term relationship with the customers.

In-App Advertisement

Allowing the babysitters and the customers to host the advertisement to show their service on online platforms and allow you to gain additional revenue. Advertisement will not only boost up revenue but also it helps them to promote their service across many audiences effortlessly. 

Are you looking for options to launch your own babysitter services in a smart way?. Trioangle provides the right direction for that via the perfect Babysitters On-Demand App. To get such a promising uber for babysitters app, share your business plans with us at or ping us at +91 6379630152.



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Uber for Babysitters: A Quick Way To Book Nannies...
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Uber’s Success Is Deeply Tied To Its Success In India: Shirish Andhare

India is currently in a vital phase of its infrastructure, energy, and mobility development, which nicely sets the stage to leapfrog current or existing practices. According to sources, an estimated 40% of its population will be living in urban areas by 2025, and they will account for over 60% of the consumption of resources.

Moreover, transportation in India is highly fragmented, disorganised across modes with poor infrastructure, congestion and low public transport density. Riders and drivers have to undertake multiple challenges daily such as lack of availability, reliability, quality, consistent pricing, safety etc.

To know more about the current space and transportation in India, Analytics India Magazine caught up with Shirish Andhare, Director, Program Management, Uber India and South Asia.

“Our goal is to change the Indian mindset and help people replace their car with their phone by offering a range of mobility options — whether cars, bikes, autos or public transport — all in the Uber app. By putting more people in fewer cars, we have the potential to build smarter and more liveable cities,” said Andhare.

Using technology, Uber India has been trying to transform the mobility landscape and change how people move around in the country by playing a transformational role in addressing pain points for riders and adding efficiency into the system.

With its multi-modal vision for mobility in India, Uber wants to make a variety of options available to help commuters get where they want to go at a price point that works for them. To that end, Uber has announced partnerships across airports and Metros in Delhi and Hyderabad to provide last-mile connectivity.

Transformation of Uber India

Andhare said that about seven years ago, Uber launched in Bangalore with just three employees. Today, Uber India has tech teams across Bangalore and Hyderabad. It continues its exponential growth journey, focusing on facilitating affordable, reliable and convenient transportation to millions of riders and livelihood opportunities for hundreds of thousands of driver-partners.

The company has doubled its engineering team in India this year. The R&D teams located in Hyderabad and Bangalore continue to grow and currently host over a dozen global charters including rider, maps, customer obsession, infrastructure, money, and eats. These teams are driving global impact for Uber based on several India-first product innovations.

Andhare said, “With over a billion trips in India and South Asia and counting, along with a large driver-partner base, we are focused on winning hearts and minds in the market. We plan to do this by doubling down on products that can solve for low network connectivity, congestion and pollution, as well as enable multiple price points with a varied set of offerings. Uber’s success is deeply tied to our success in India, we are in a strong position in India, and we are committed to serving the market.”

He added, “As we gear up to deliver the next billion rides in the region, we remain focused on providing convenient, affordable rides to millions of riders and stable and sustainable earning opportunities to driver-partners.”

Deep Tech At Uber

Andhare stated that technology provides an incredible opportunity to improve road safety in new and innovative ways before, during and after every ride. At every step, Uber is maximising the usage of technology to bring transparency and accountability through features such as two-way feedback and ratings, telematics and GPS, among others. These will have a positive impact on furthering trust and empathy between riders and driver-partners.

Uber’s Engineering Centre in Bangalore and Hyderabad are engaged in cutting-edge basic and applied technology solutions in areas that include rider growth, driver growth, digital payments, mapping, telematics, vehicle tracking/safety and fleet management, and the Uber core experience.

Some of the India-first innovations include the in-app emergency feature, arrears handling, driver inbound phone support, cash trips, Uber Rentals for longer trips and UberGO. The company is investing heavily in research and resources.

Some of the technologies used at Uber include computer vision, automation, Machine Learning(ML), Optical character recognition (OCR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, NLP etc. These technologies are used in areas such as onboarding restaurant menus onto Uber marketplace, enabling earnings opportunities and more. It is also crucial to perform other tasks such as better routing, matching, fraud detection, document processing, maps editing, machine translations, customer support, and more.

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Uber Taxi Clone Script | Uber Taxi Clone App | Uber Clone

Uber Taxi is a leading on-demand taxi service around the world. It is popular among entrepreneurs who are looking to startup their Online Taxi business. uber taxi services allow users to simply tap on your mobile to book the taxi. Online Taxi booking services is the best way for people to travel from place to place easily. online booking services make everything easy from their mobile phones for the peoples.

Online Taxi booking services are growing at a faster pace and entrepreneurs are making billions of dollars as profits. So Build a Taxi Booking App can be a great start for your Taxi Business. Now you may think about how to build a Taxi Booking App? Here is an easy solution.

What is Uber Taxi Clone Script?

Uber Taxi Clone is a powerful Taxi booking App Script that assists you to build and launch your own Taxi booking platform as similar to Uber. We Employcoder provides you the best and complete Uber Taxi clone package which possesses both Uber Taxi Clone Website and as well as Uber Taxi clone app for Android and iOS.

Where to Get the Best Uber Taxi Clone App?

We Employcoder - the leading On-Demand App Development Company provide you the Best Uber Clone Script which makes you launch your own taxi booking app like Uber instantly. We provide customizable solutions that will grow your transportation business. Our Uber Clone comes for both ios and android platforms to enhance your business to a wide audience. Our uber clone provides extraordinary and features for both the end-users and service providers.

Our Uber Taxi Clone App Development Packages include

  1. Uber Taxi Clone App for both Android & iOS
  2. Web Platform.
  3. Powerful Admin Dashboard
  4. 100% Customizable.
  5. Multiple Payment options

If you want to build an app like Uber taxi and setup your Taxi booking business? Get in Touch With Us. Get Free Demo of Uber Taxi Clone App.

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Offer superior child care services through an Uber like app for babysitters

It takes a lot of effort and time to bring up a healthy and well-behaved child. Toddlers require more attention as they are highly vulnerable. Working parents will not have much time to take care of their children. Hence, it is ideal that they use a trustworthy Uber like app for babysitters. Licensed child care experts offer different services like babysitting, checking their health status, conducting exercises, feeding, and playing games with the toddlers.

How does an on-demand Nannies app function?

◄ Fathers and mothers register - on the Uber like app for babysitters. They enter details like their age, email address, name, number of children, and location.

◄ Certified child care service providers create an account - on the Uber for babysitting app. They submit information about their experience, qualification, and skills.

◄ The admin approves the registration - of both child care experts and parents after checking their background and data.

◄ Parents choose the required babysitting services - by tapping either of the 3 options (Right now, Within a week, and in 1-2 months).

◄ Further, fathers and mothers go through the ratings - and reviews of both one-time babysitters and recurring babysitters. They select a specific nanny and book the needed child care services.

◄ The admin of the on-demand Nannies app accepts - the bookings made by the parents. They inform the concerned babysitter to accept the child care service request.

◄ Fathers and mothers hand over their toddlers - directly to the babysitters. The child care experts take care of the kids for a certain period. They will also share regular updates (photos and videos) to parents via the live chat option.

◄ The parents will take back their children - after a predefined duration. They will process payments for the availed babysitting services via credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and wire transfers.

◄ Finally, users rate the quality - of the on-demand babysitting services on a scale of 1-5. They can also post comments about the professionalism of the child care service providers.

Wrapping Up

In these times of economic hardship, both parents are working to sustain their households and give their children a happy life. It is highly relevant for entrepreneurs to develop a state-of-the-art Uber like app for babysitters now. Positive trends like enhanced Internet connectivity, increasing smartphone usage, and a rise in disposable income of the people. Hence, collaborate with an app development company now, build a cutting-edge on-demand Nannies app, and dominate the global child care industry soon.

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Uber Taxi Clone Script | Uber Taxi Clone App | Uber Clone

Nowadays we never see a person without a smartphone. Smart Phones and Mobile Applications have become a part of our life as it makes life simpler and smart like never before. We Can get whatever we want like Booking a Taxi, Sharing a Ride, Ordering Food, etc on a single tap through smartphones with a mobile Application. But a Few years ago peoples who want to travel from one place to place another had to do a lot to ride to reach another place. Calling a taxi service and waiting for the taxi’s arrival and to reach the destination are not easy before as they are now. If Cab’s are not available near them, people should have to call by walking on the streets by shouting ‘taxi’. People living in big cities know the inconvenience of not having a Taxi Booking to book a taxi.

But these days after the launch of taxi booking and ride-sharing services like Uber, Grab, Lyft, etc. this whole ride-hailing process becomes easy for the people and can now book a taxi within a single tap from their mobiles without waiting for hours on the streets. Ride-hailing apps like Uber, Grab, Lyft, are the popular apps on the market that have created a place in the taxi booking industry in their respective regions and around the world. That too Uber is a prominent player, who has disrupted the taxi industry.

This ride-sharing business is the new path for Next Generation peoples. As these online taxi booking services apps gained enough popularity among people in a very short period, subsequently, many Startups and taxi Businesses like Uber started to incept globally, mostly by adopting Uber-like app development. So, If you are an entrepreneur planning to start a business like Uber, Here is a cost-effective solution to launching your business instantly. Making use of Uber Clone,

Why Choose Uber Clone to Build your Taxi Booking App?

  • The cost of building an Uber clone is comparatively lower than developing a Taxi Booking app like Uber from scratch.
  • Since the Uber Clone is a readymade solution, It helps in Faster App Development and Less Time to Launch in Market
  • As Uber clone is an easily customizable Taxi Booking App Script, that makes Uber Clone a suitable solution for entrepreneurs with ideas of their own.
  • The framework of an uber clone is based on popular taxi-booking apps, therefore, it is guaranteed some amount of success.

The on-demand online taxi booking market is highly lucrative and now is the most ideal time for you to enter this market with your own Taxi booking and Ride Sharing app developed with our sophisticated Uber Clone script.

We Employcoder the leading On-Demand App Development Company provides you the Best Uber Clone that helps you launch your own taxi booking app like Uber instantly. We provide 100% customizable Uber Taxi Clone Script to build your Taxi Booking and Ride-Sharing App that will grow your transportation business.

Get a Free Demo our Uber Clone Now.

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Evelyn Lucy


Top 3 Best Uber Clone Software of 2021

As you all know, Uber is the famous and fastest-growing on-demand taxi service provider. They also provide peer to peer ridesharing and food delivery services. The business model of Uber has transformed the traditional business into digital. It’s all because of the advancements in technology. 

The revenue generated from the online taxi industry is expected to grow tremendously, with an annual growth rate of 3.1% by 2023. Many entrepreneurs and startups are utilizing this opportunity to launch the taxi-booking service app. There are many clone app software now available in the market. In this blog, we will see the highlighted 3 best Uber clone software of 2021. 

Let’s take a look into the working model of the taxi booking clone software

Step 1 - The users install the on-demand taxi-booking app and sign up/register with it using email ID, phone number, or social media.

Step 2 - They have to give location access or manually enter their location

Step 3 - They can search for a cab from the available Cab types. Meanwhile, they can view the fare estimation for all the cab types. It is up to the user's choice to select the cab type based on their convenience.

Step 4 - Upon acceptance of a ride request from the driver, the user can see the driver's details, including the profile picture, rating, and vehicle details. As the app is integrated with the GPS tracking system, the user can check the location status of the driver.

Step 5 - The user can make online payments (credit/debit card and PayPal or other popular payment gateways) or cash payments. 

Step 6 - Once the ride gets completed, the user can give a rating/review to the service if wished. 

Best Uber clone software:

ZippyPro - A cost-effective taxi booking app

ZippyPro is a Uber clone taxi-booking app with top-notch features. This clone app is available on both Android and iOS. This app is designed and developed in such a way that users feel more convenient in availing themselves of the taxi service.  

The Quick Registration allows the users to sign up with the app with ease. Upon selecting the cab type, they can see the estimation of fare before confirming the taxi service. They can even schedule the service at their convenient time. This app provides a coupon system so that the users can add money to their in-app wallet and it can be used when they avail the ride service.  

Services offered: 

  • Cabs for every pocket

The cab type differs for each penny. Their offerings include Sedans to Luxury cars that suit every user.

  • Cashless rides

Users can make easy payment via online by adding their debit or credit card details to the app. 

  • In-cab entertainment

Passengers (users) enjoy playing music and watching movies/video while travelling. They can even get connected with the Free WiFi. 

  • Safer rides

The emergency alert and Live tracking features in the app makes the ride safe and secure.

Features of the ZippyPro app:

uber clone software

Driver app features

  • Vehicle details
  • Document verification
  • Payout method
  • Driver’s availability
  • In-app call

Rider/passenger/user app features

  • Multiple vehicle options
  • Fare estimation
  • Live tracking
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Ride history

ZippyPro was offered by UberLikeApp, an Uber clone software provider. They develop taxi-booking apps similar to Uber with intricate features. They offer hassle-free application functionality that is compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms.


CabZify is a clone of Uber. It is developed by APPiLAB Technologies, a clone app development company. This clone app is available on Android and iOS. This app is created in such a way that the users can view and book a nearby taxi. This app allows the users to give feedback upon completion of every ride. 

Features included

  • Fare estimation
  • Selection of cab type
  • Social media login
  • Edit your location

Fox-Taxi Rider - An on-demand taxi-booking clone app

Fox-Taxi Rider is offered by White Label Fox, an on-demand app development company. They offer a white-label taxi solution that is customizable. This taxi-booking clone app allows users to book a cab with ease. 

Features included:

  • Login & Registration
  • Profile 
  • Select car type
  • Payment mode
  • Schedule ride
  • Feedback

Wrap up

I hope, this blog will be useful and informative to you. If you are interested in launching the taxi-booking app in 2021, approach a clone app development company. A clone app solution enables you to launch an app like Uber in a moment. Sow the seed of investing in the Uber clone app solution and reap the benefits of earning profit. 


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