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Kafka in Golang Development

Apache Kafka in Golang Development is an open-source scattered event streaming stage utilized by countless relationship for most magnificent data pipelines, streaming evaluation, data coordination, and key applications.

Apache Kafka is an event streaming stage.

Kafka joins three key cutoff points so you can understand your utilization cases for occasion streaming start to finish with a lone battle attempted arrangement. plan:

To stream (plan) and purchase in to (read) floods of events, including unsurprising import/section of your data from different systems.

To store floods of events steadily and tirelessly for whatever time period that you need.

To oversee floods of events as they occur.

Benefits :

A few focal characteristics of Kafka −

  1. Consistency − Kafka is dispersed, assigned, repeated and arrangement to pointless dissatisfaction.

  2. Adaptability − Kafka illuminating system scales feasibly without down time…

  3. Strength − Kafka utilizes “Disseminated submit log” which means messages progresses forward circle as fast as could be regular the circumstance being what it is, henceforth it is strong…

  4. Execution − Kafka has high throughput for both streaming and purchasing in messages. It keeps up stable execution even special TB of messages are overseen.

Kafka is extraordinarily speedy and ensures zero individual time and zero data trouble.

Apache Kafka use cases

Site movement following

Website page development (online visits, look, or changed exercises clients may make) is given to central subjects and opens up for tireless orchestrating, dashboards and withdrew examination in data stockrooms like Google’s BigQuery.


Kafka is regularly utilized for activity checking data pipelines and draws in admonishing and explaining operational evaluations. It totals evaluations from scattered applications and produces joined feeds of operational data.

Log collection

Kafka can be utilized over a relationship to add up to logs from different affiliations and make them open in standard course of action to various clients. It gives lower-inactivity overseeing and less annoying help for different data sources and dispersed data use.


Kafka in Golang Development