Top 17 Best VueJS Templates For Advanced Web Applications 2020

Top 17 Best VueJS Templates For Advanced Web Applications 2020

In this premium collection, you can find the resourceful, stunning and innovative VueJS template you need to fully empower your apps. ArchitectUI Vue. Clean UI. Devinvue. Dondoca. Coga. Material Design. Piaf VueJS. Pragmatic.

Web applications facilitate businesses in influencing their online presence. These apps run on multiple platforms regardless of the device or operating system used as long as the browser is compatible. Additionally, they allow users to access similar content or version of the apps hence eliminating any compatibility issues. Thus, web apps have become more and more popular these days. In turn, many skilled developers look for the best JavaScript frameworks that will aid them with their web apps creation. Well, you can find lots of these frameworks in the market. And if you prefer VueJS framework, these super clean, user-friendly and responsive VueJS templates we’ve handpicked are excellent and very useful! So, grab the most suitable VueJS template for your next awesome web app from this collection!

VueJS is an outstanding and innovative JavaScript framework for building magnificent and user-friendly web user interfaces. This component-based architecture is best for small to large-scale apps that most developers love as well. In fact, in the mobile apps world, Vue launches applications faster than Angular and React. Vue’s speed is an important perk to consider when choosing a JavaScript front-end framework. No wonder why big brands prefer this type of framework for their business such as Alibaba, Grammarly, Xiaomi, Laracasts, and Reuters.

In this premium collection, you can find the resourceful, stunning and innovative VueJS template you need to fully empower your apps.

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1. ArchitectUI Vue

If you wish to build apps with the intention of future scaling, you can utilize VueJS as your JavaScript framework. If you decide to utilize this tool for your web apps, then you should check out ArchitectUI Vue. This VueJS template is jampacked with fully customizable layout, components, plugins and themes for exceptional apps. It comes with 9 useful and unique demos for your dashboard having different layouts.

The base framework of ArchitectUI Vue is powered by Vue/CLI version 3.4.1 and Bootstrap 4. It comes with 50+ handpicked Vue widgets and components for your dashboard. ArchitectUI also offers 9 different color schemes, multiple layouts for the sidebar, footer or header fixed or static. For the user pages, it includes login, register, forgot password, each with two variations: boxed and fluid. Applications examples include Mailbox, Chat, FAQ Section. It also contains 5 icons packs: Pe7 Icons, FontAwesome, LinearIcons, IonIcons, Flag Icons.

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2. Clean UI

Give the best in building your web apps so you can reap what you sow. With Clean UI Vue Pro, you’ll surely have a stunning web application projects. It’s an excellent solution that is built upon Vue, Vuex Bootstrap and Ant Design. Clean UI has 8 different styles of dashboard layouts that you can utilize for your apps. Apparently, Clean UI has 50+ pages, 15+ app pages, 80+ UI features, 3 icon packs and more. Having these elements around, you can build an exceptional app that would surely stand out in the market.

This admin VueJS template has a responsive layout hence your admin dashboard will always look good on diverse devices. It also allows you to opt for the light and dark templates. Moreover, Clean UI is also cross-browser compatible to ensure your site is compatible with the major browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and on mobile devices.

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3. Devinvue

Developers who use VueJS framework reports how simple yet powerful this tool is for web apps. Devinvue is a VueJS template that is crafted using Admin Vue 2, Element, Bootstrap and Vue Webpack CLI kit. Devinvue contains 4 useful dashboard layouts – gradient skin, light sidebar skin, dark sidebar skin and all black skin. It’s equipped with various wonderful components and UI features for achieving an excellent web app.

Devinvue is fully responsive which means it will respond to the user’s behavior and environment. Its modern and elegant design will never fail to render a pleasant view of your apps’s performance. Specifically, this VueJS template has mail app, chat, calendar and to do.

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4. Dondoca

Big companies have trusted VueJS tool for their web apps. If you plan to do the same, you can opt for Dondoca. It’s a super flexible, powerful, clean and modern VueJS template built using Bootstrap 4 and Vue. Specifically, it will provide you ample and unlimited possibilities for web apps building. It has 2 dashboard layout types for your projects. Dondoca has workable apps that you can implement which include mail apps, chat, calendar and to do apps.

Furthermore, it has useful pages too such as blog with different layouts available; eCommerce with shop and item page; common pages which include invoice, profile, login, blank page and error pages. What’s more? It’s also packed with radio, checkbox, input, switch, slider, time picker and more.

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5. Coga

Create web applications that are ready to stand out with Coga. It’s a VueJS template that’s perfect for managing and monitoring web applications built using Vue 2 and Vuetify. It’s a responsive template with optimized design for mobile devices. It has a wide range of useful components that are outstanding. With Coga you have 2 options on how to monitor your app’s performance.

Specifically, it has amazing UI elements, widgets, forms, tables and other components included in the package. Icons are a simple yet effective way to draw users into the content of your website, so Coga ensures that you have an amazing look and feel with Material Icon, Font Awesome and Themify.

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6. Material Design

Having plenty of UI components, plugins, and powerful features, Material Design is a top-notch VueJS template that you can avail in this list. Material Design is happy to offer you a 3-in-1 admin template which comes with 3 major JavaScript frameworks – Vue, React and Angular. This template is built using Vue-CLI, Vuex and Vuetify. For the dashboard – you can acquire 2 versions for the React, a single template for Angular and another for Vue. Apparently, Material Design comes with 500+ components, 100+ UI layout, 15+ important components, and over 20+ JavaScript plugins.

All of these amazing elements are ready to furnish your dashboard with stunning features. Since it is built using Bootstrap, you can be sure that the layout of your project will always be mobile-first. Other notable features of this template include maps, tables, charts, forms, notifications and more. Important pages also include login, register, forgot password, mail confirms and 404.

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7. Piaf VueJS

Dashboards are very useful for tracking data points relevant to a business. If you want to use VueJS for your web app projects, Piaf VueJS is a wonderful choice. Piaf VueJS is a combination of good design, quality code and attention for details that has 4 out-of-the-box dashboards. Crafted using Vue, Bootstrap-Vue, Vue CLI, Vuex, Firebase, SASS, Webpack and more Piaf VueJS is ready to refine your web apps.

It is full of components, layouts, apps and other awesome features of the themes. This admin VueJS template has 10 color schemes, 3 applications, and lots of components. This template also offers dark and light color versions with five different colors. Moreover, it has various structures and layouts that you can apply for your projects.

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8. Pragmatic

VueJS makes it easier for you to revamp the existing application as it embraces standard HTML-based templates. Thus, you’ll have a smooth integration for a single page application. With Pragmatic, you can create a seamless admin dashboard built using VueJS and Element. It contains 3 awesome dashboards, 70+ layout combinations, 100+ pages, 10+ pages for eCommerce and more. Apart from that, components, elements, pages and other useful user interfaces are essentially added in the package.

Pragmatic has 5 cool color schemes that will represent your brand. This VueJS template contains built-in apps which include eCommerce, mail, contacts, gallery, timeline, cards and more. Pragmatic has multiple layouts that are best to use for your apps. If you wish to shift from the 4 different themes you can opt for the most preferred one. For the authentication page, you’ll have login, register and forgot password.

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9. Cubic

Enhance the look and feel of your web apps with JavaScript frameworks that will do the magic for you. Here’s Cubic, a VueJS and Bootstrap template with 4 dashboard variations, 70+ pages, 200+ UI elements, 800+ font icons and 50+ integrated plugins. All these elements are magnificent enough to enhance your apps in an awesome way. With the widgets, charts, tables, and other features your app are capable of attracting new users.

Cubic has 12 color skins that you can choose from. Hence, you can pick the best color that fits your needs. This VueJS template also comes with built-in apps, calendar design, many chart options, and detailed documentation. The template is also fully responsive so you have a flawless layout design on mobile, tablet and desktop.

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10. Vuely

JavaScript frameworks exist to develop interactive web interfaces. With the existence of VueJS tool, web development is made easier and more simplified. Here’s Vuely, a VueJS template developed with Vuex, Vuejs 2 and VuetifyJs. Aiming to provide the perfect solution to any web application’s need, Vuely introduces the other useful admin template versions which include Laraval, Laraval Passport Authentications, Express js and Angular version. In particular, Vuely is ready to carry your apps to the next level with the 200+ UI elements, 78+ custom widgets, 1500+ font icons.

With the Vue version, you have 6 different dashboards for eCommerce, Web Analytics, Magazine, News, Agency, and SAAS. It also comes with beautifully designed pages like product list, chat, pricing, product cart, checkout, forgot password, chart widget and signup. The template is also fully responsive that it looks good on possible devices and is also multilingual.

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11. Adminify

Components are useful in building robust, scalable applications with Vue. Similarly, if you find Vue as the perfect framework for your admin dashboard, you should see Adminify. It’s another magnificent VueJS and Bootstrap 4 template with pre-integrated features required for your admin panel. It is developed with an approach to provide the developers with hassle-free development experience.

To help you develop your backend panel with ease this template has pre-designed custom pages and integrated features like charts, graphs, data-tables and more. Apparently, this VueJS has 2 main dashboards, 15+ feature-rich widgets, 500+ UI icons, 1500+ icons and multiple applications and pages. For the layout, you can choose from the boxed/full-width, dark/night mode and collapsed sidebar.

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12. Vuse

Searching for the finest VueJS template? Why not pick from this useful collection and make your creation of beautiful user interfaces a breeze! Here’s Vuse, a modern & responsive admin template based on Vuejs, Vuetify.js and Material Design with unlimited possibilities. Vuse’s code is super easy to understand and it comes with starter kit which will help developers to get started quickly.

This template comes with a number of different color theme presets. Specifically, it has 4 preset themes with dark/light effects. That’s not all, it also has prebuilt apps that will surely cut down the development time of your apps. UI components, widgets and essential pages are included in the template so you can take advantage of it more fully.

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13. Clear

For single page applications, complex web apps, VueJS is never a waste of time. So, pick the most suitable VueJS template in this list and kickstart your project. Here’s Clear, a Bootstrap, VueJS built for beginners and professionals alike. Clear comes with 4 different versions – Bootstrap 4, VueJS, Laravel and Laravel + VueJS. If you want to utilize the light or dark versions, you may always choose the color scheme you want.

Apparently, Clear has ample UI Kit including calendar, maps, user pages, file upload, charts, advanced tables and many more. Since it’s tailored using Bootstrap, you’ll have a responsive and mobile-friendly dashboard without much hassle on the coding part. Notable features include 4 icon families (2000+ icons), good number of plugins integrated.

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14. Atkins

There are various JavaScript frameworks that you can choose from for building your apps. You can opt for VueJS, React, Angular, Ember and more. If you plan to build it using Vue, then this list is for you. Here’s Atkins, an admin Bootstrap 4 + VueJS template with flexible and modern design. It has 2 dashboards- Analytics and eCommerce. With its clean and sleek UI components, this template is ready to help your projects shine like no other can!

These include charts, maps, forms, tables, and more. Since the mobile-first design is a must these days, Atkins ensures that your dashboard will always be available even on mobile or tablets as it is fully responsive. Thanks to Bootstrap that makes that feature a piece of cake! For the adorable and neat icons, this template utilizes the Font Awesome, Material Icon and Themify icons.

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15. VueJS Laravel Admin Template

Develop a web application with the right combination of components, elements, design and functionality. With that in mind, you must have the ideal tools to achieve your goal. Here’s VueJS Laravel Admin Template that is built using VueJS 2, Laravel 5.4 and Bootstrap 4. This admin VueJS template has 7 types of dashboards with different layouts.

If you choose the eCommerce dashboard, you’ll always have cool and useful monitoring of your app’s performance. Moreover, the forms, widgets, charts, calendar, tables, maps, and other elements in this template are truly valuable and innovative.

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16. Basix Admin

Grab your favorite admin template from this list of VueJS templates. Basix Admin is one of the best to assess for your next web apps. It’s an admin template developed using VueJS and Bootstrap 4 and uses Vue-CLI to easily generate components. Jampacked with 60+ widgets ready 80+ component variations Basix Admin is just the right solution for CMS, Custom Projects, CRM and Admin Dashboard Projects.

It’s blazing fast and lightweight so you’ll never have to worry about monitoring performance with ease and speed. Furthermore, this VueJS template uses developer-friendly codes that won’t give a headache to fellow developers in using this for their projects. Other adorable features include advanced Google Maps integrations, customizable charts with Chart.js, and is also fully responsive.

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17. Scutum

If you’re trying to find the most suitable admin dashboard template using VueJS, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s Scutum, a professional material design admin template with 2 versions : HTML and VueJS (based on Nuxt.js). It can be the most useful tool for your CRM, CMS, Analytics Panel, Shop Backend etc. Specifically, Scutum is equipped with 80+ pages, integrated plugins, custom components, and integrated charting libraries.

With such features, Scutum is ready to help you build your application faster and better. As this admin template is cross-browser compatible, you can view your dashboard with clear and neat content regardless of the broswer you use. Even more, this is fully reponsive so no matter what type of device you use in accessing your dashboard, it will look seamless and mobile-first.

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Hire Dedicated eCommerce Web Developers | Top eCommerce Web Designers

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