OMG! Black Friday is coming! 50% Off All Templates

OMG! Black Friday is coming! 50% Off All Templates

Black Friday is coming! We have a special offer for this occasion for you! On November 27 we have 50% discount on all templates. So as you can see there are plenty of options for a frontender. So let’s start our list!

We decided to remind you about all of our templates in this blog post: what are the difference and in which case we use them. First of all, there are web templates and mobile templates. Then we can divide it by technology used (made with React.js, Angular, Vue.js, React Native, etc.). Plus we can group template with backend and without one. And we can divide them into two big groups by the design criteria (classic and material). Web/Mobile Templates First, you can see web templates. We have four most popular designs named Sing AppLight BlueMaterial Admin, and Flatlogic One. Technologies used From the marketplace page, you can find out that each design almost always goes by four options: HTML, React.js, Vue.js, Angular.

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