How to Send Gmail with Python step by step Guide

How to Send Gmail with Python step by step Guide

In this article, we will build a Gmail sending bot in python using the SMTP module. So before wasting time let straight jump into it.

Gmail is the most widely used Personal and business email worldwide, You had been used Gmail in your daily life for checking study mails, for marketing purposes, communicating with someone and etc. It is a part of our daily life but if we want to make a computer robot that sends Gmail by itself, Well why we need that? Let take a simple example you are the owner of a shop and you had some new stock available and you want to send your customer notification about it, in that case, a Gmail bot can be useful for sending the mail to every customer email, take another example you just create a program that scraps a web page and store that data in CSV or EXCEL form and you want that a bot should mail this data to someone automatically. A Gmail bot can be useful for many purposes. In this article, we will build a Gmail sending bot in python using the SMTP module. So before wasting time let straight jump into it.

First thing first you need the latest version of Python, if you don’t have one, just follow the URL download the latest version according to your OS, if you had done this step next part is to create a py file and install the modules we need. I added the modules down below, just copy them and paste it into your command prompt _Pip bult-in module_ in python will automatically download and install those modules.

pip install smtp

pip install emails

We need to set up our Gmail so the SMTP server will get denied by the Gmail server, this step is necessary if you not done this you will get an error. When the SMTP tries to log in to Gmail.

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