Learn React Redux with Project for Beginners | Redux Axios REST API Tutorial

Learn React Redux with Project for Beginners | Redux Axios REST API Tutorial

In this video we are going to learn about React - Redux by build a project from scratch. This video course is specially if you are planning to learn React wi...

In this video we are going to learn about React - Redux by build a project from scratch. This video course is specially if you are planning to learn React with Redux State Management library as a beginner. We will build a fake ecommerce store using fake APIs.

You will find the topics covered in the timestamp below.

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Github link for Reference https://github.com/dmalvia/React_Redux_Tutorial

🔥 Video contents... ENJOY 👇 0:00:00 - Intro 0:00:20 - Application Demo 0:01:33 - Pre-requisite packages installation and Setup 0:04:03 - Redux installation and Setup 0:04:30 - Understanding Redux Lifecycle Methods 0:05:09 - React/Redux Project Structure 0:04:45 - Understand React App Folder Structure 0:06:35 - Create Redux Action Types 0:07:50 - Create Redux Actions 0:09:55 - Create Redux Reducers 0:13:34 - Create Redux Store 0:14:52 - Add Redux Dev Tools 0:15:31 - Connect React with Redux 0:18:10 - Create React Components 0:21:38 - Add Routing to project 0:24:03 - useSelector to access state 0:28:39 - Use Axios for Redux API Call 0:31:15 - useDispatch to dispatch action 0:32:33 - Update the Redux Store 0:33:51 - Understand Redux Dev Tools 0:34:30 - Render products listing page 0:33:26 - Product Detail page 0:47:48 - Select and Remove Action Types 0:51:00 - Outro

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