A Brief Overview of Garbage Collectors in Java, Because Cleanliness Is Necessary.

A Brief Overview of Garbage Collectors in Java, Because Cleanliness Is Necessary.

As we know Java stores the object in the heap memory. These memory objects are stored in the heap memory which is referenced from the…

As we know Java stores the objects in the heap memory which are referenced from the stack. Once these objects are dereferenced they need to be eliminated from memory so as to create space for new objects, to avoid _OutOfMemoryError _error and to improve the overall application performance. Consider the scenario below.

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As we can see Objects 1,2 and 3 are being referenced from the stack memory while the object is no longer being referenced and must be cleared from the memory.

The advantage of Java compared to other languages is the feature of garbage collection. Garbage collection in the JVM reclaims the memory used by the unreferenced object. The GC processor works behind the scenes quietly by discarding the unrequired objects.

Although garbage collection is an automatic process(Note: running System.gc() also don’t guarantee that the garbage collection would work). To perform tweaks to your application flags can be used to specify the type of garbage collector which much be used based on the nature of the application. Garbage collection does have an impact on the performance of your application and that is why Java has provided you with choices so that you can use the garbage collector best suitable for your application.

The two main factors of performance taken into consideration while writing the algorithms are garbage collection throughput and the overall delay created.

The following are the 7 types of garbage collectors in Java along with description of each and their appropriate use cases. I will try to explain each of them briefly so that you can differentiate between each one of them without going through a long article.

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