Angular vs AngularJS: Differences Between Angular and AngularJS

Angular vs AngularJS: Differences Between Angular and AngularJS

What is the difference between Angular vs AngularJS? One vital distinction between Angular vs AngularJS is AngularJS is JavaScript-based while Angular is TypeScript based. These two frameworks have similarities as a front end, open-source platform that create dynamic SPAs but let’s look at their differences.

Nowadays, web frameworks change and evolve all the time. They adapt to changes in technology, browser requirements, and market needs. Perhaps, no JS framework embraced changes in JavaScript as readily as Angular did. Since the release of the first version, AngularJS, in 2009, the tool has come along.

Now there are two dominating types of AngularJS vs Angular 2. The purpose of all these tools is essentially the same: to make front-end development easier, help organize the codebase and the application with the structure.

All these frameworks have slightly different functionality and use cases. Whether to use the older version of Angular or migrate to updates depends on the project’s qualities. So, what is the difference between Angular and AngularJS?

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