Exporting Static HTML From A Next.js 10 Site

Exporting Static HTML From A Next.js 10 Site

Learn how to export static HTML from a Nextjs 10 project to host

In this blog post, we’re going to take the default start from Next.js 10 and export a static site that we can host in S3.

This post goes alongside a partner post on deploying static websites to S3 using the AWS TypeScript CDK if you would like to get the site up and running on your AWS account.

Note: There are reasons for and against exporting static HTML for a NextJS application. Those needs may differ from person to person. Please see NextJS documentation on Static HTML Export for the latest caveats when using their static export feature.

Getting Started

We will use the latest create-next-app deployment to get things rolling.

## from the project root directory
npx create-next-app next-10-static-export

Once this runs, there will be a new folder that hosts your NextJS 10 application in next-10-static-export.

Building the application

Adjust your application’s package.json file to add a new script for export:

  // reduced for brevity
  "scripts": {
    "dev": "next dev",
    "build": "next build",
    "start": "next start",
    // add this
    "export": "next export"
  // reduced for brevity

Building and exporting the website

Under pages/index.js I am going to make some small adjustments for the project and add a small paragraph that says This page has been updated to show how to build and export static HTML from a NextJS 10 project.

After making whatever adjustments you would like, run the following from your root directory:

## Build the NextJS application
npm run build
## Export the HTML to the `out` directory
npm run export

Once you have run both commands, you’ll notice that there is now a _next and out directory created.

The out directory is where next export will move the assets to.

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