React Native Typescript Library Starter

React Native Typescript Library Starter

react-native-button-list .React Native Typescript Library Starter

React Native Typescript Library Starter

Library Usage

  • npm i
  • Delete example folder
  • Delete build folder
  • Make your own library into the lib folder
  • Change package.json
  • Change README for your own documentation
  • npm run build
> [email protected] build /Users/kuray/Coursion/MyLibraries/ReactNative/react-native-typescript-library-starter
> cd lib && tsc && cp ../package.json ../build/dist/ && Echo Build completed!

Build completed!
  • Test your build/dist into the new project
  • Finally, time to npm publish :)

Below part is for Documentation ! Remove above Library Usage


Add the dependency:

npm i react-native-typescript-library-starter

Peer Dependencies

IMPORTANT! You need install them
"react": ">= 16.x.x",
"react-native": ">= 0.55.x",



import MyComponent from "react-native-typescript-library-starter";

Fundamental Usage

<MyComponent />

Example Project 😍

You can checkout the example project 🥰

Simply run

  • npm i
  • react-native run-ios/android

should work of the example project.

Configuration - Props


Property Type Default Description
title string undefined change the title
description string undefined change the descrition

Customization (Optionals)

Property Type Default Description
enableButton boolean false let you enable the button (must use it for button)
onPress function undefined set your own logic for the button functionality when it is pressed
buttonText string undefined change the button's text
style ViewStyle default set or override the style object for the main container
buttonStyle ViewStyle default set or override the style object for the button style
ImageComponent Image default set your own component instead of default react-native Image component

Future Plans

  • Write an article about the lib on Medium

Change Log

Change log will be here !


FreakyCoder, [email protected]

Download Details:

Author: sevvaleygul0

Source Code:

react-native react mobile-apps

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