Octro interview Experience for Game Development In C++/Unity | Off-Campus 2021

Octro interview Experience for Game Development In C++/Unity | Off-Campus 2021

following is Octro interview Game Development Experience in C++ / Unity | Out member field 2021

*Round 1 (Online Technical and Aptitude): *This round consists of 80 MCQ (aptitude and technical) which need to be completed in 60 min. Most of the questions were easy and standard questions.

*Round 2 (Technical Interview 1): *This round mainly focuses on Data Structures and coding. Some questions related to Oops and SQL were also asked.

  1. Find equilibrium point in an array 
  2. Find the maximum occurring character in a string 

I was provided with an Online IDE and have to compile the code, Questions were easy managed to solve all the coding question, few other theory questions were asked on SQL, DBMS, and OOPs

*Round 3 (Technical Interview 2): *This round started with a project discussion. The interviewer asked questions on each skill that I have mentioned in my Resume, after a lot of rapid-fire theory questions I was asked to solve some Coding question 

  1. An array of 0, 1, and 2 ‘s is given to sort the array without using extra space in O (1) time complexity.
  2. Given a string, that contains a special character together with alphabets, reverse the string in a way that special characters are not affected.
  3. Given an array, find the sum of maximum continuous subarray 
  4. Given a number N you can perform this operation any number of times: N=Take sum of the square of its digits. Check if we can reach 1 using this operation how many times.
  5. Check if the given list is a circular Linked List without using extra space 
  6. Given values of two values n1 and n2 in a Binary Search Tree, find the Lowest Common Ancestor
  • SQL Question 1: Given a table named employee having column as employee name and salary, Find third highest salary from the table

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