Practo Clone - Launch Your Own On-Demand Doctor Booking App

Practo Clone - Launch Your Own On-Demand Doctor Booking App

Our Practo clone app solutions help you launch your on-demand doctor booking app business in a short period. With built-in features and functionalities, the app is the way forward to succeed in your niche.

The post-pandemic era has driven businesses to shake hands with technology. The healthcare industry was faced with a catastrophic situation for quite a long time. Unprepared and overwhelmed, the doctors struggled to offer their services to people. Though the sudden support of technology saw us through somehow, we were still inefficient and lacked coordination.

Since medical fields have rapidly developed, it is only fair to avail that medical progress with technological assistance to everybody. The fact that smartphones rule us opens an opportunity to serve all the communities with medical apps.

Healthcare apps like Practo Like App Development can help people find doctors 24/7 and instantly. The users, through video call, can consult doctors remotely of all disciplinaries for their ailments. The physicians provide medical reports and prescriptions through the app itself. Users can track the consultation visit in the recorded history.

Let's Take A Quick Glance At Our Intuitive Feature Built In The App

Features in the user app

Creating account

The users can open an account by providing the registered OTP or sync with social media forums.

Profile setup By providing the basic and essential details of the user, the profile is set correctly.

Easy booking The user can easily book the doctor by filling in consultation details and choosing the schedule timing. Doctors location When the user wants to come over to the doctors' clinic/hospital, the app provides the user's location.

Send documents Patients, when asked for medical records and health history reports can scan and upload through the app.

Invite a doctor Patients can call the doctor in case of emergency to home by providing their residential details via the app.

Multi-user option When a family or close friends need a consultation, under one single profile their multiple records can be stored.

Directory The doctors' list with their specialization is described on this page with contact details; users can call the concerned doctors.

Ask for help This is a page where the interactions happen between the public/patients with the doctors. Doctors answer all the queries.

Payment modes The patients can pay for the services with all the national payment gateways that are highly secure.

Feedback The patients can review the services they received by the physician and write to them as well.

To sum up

Learning the world's slowly improving situation, the doctors can take some time to breathe and spend time with their family. Practo like app development brings both the doctor and patient the convenience of engaging much faster and enjoying their home's comfort. Since many doctors and patients engage more often, this junction possesses a potential business. Entrepreneurs looking to convert this plan into reality are also rendering a service to the community. With our Practo Clone App Software, we help you serve and build yourself a comprehensive business.

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