Google Cloud Announces Managed Machine Learning Platform Vertex AI

Google Cloud Announces Managed Machine Learning Platform Vertex AI

Google Cloud Announces Managed Machine Learning Platform Vertex AI. At the recent Google I/O 2021 conference, the cloud provider announced the general availability of Vertex AI.

At the recent Google I/O 2021 conference, the cloud provider announced the general availability of Vertex AI, a managed machine learning platform designed to accelerate the deployment and maintenance of artificial intelligence models.

Using Vertex AI, engineers can manage image, video, text, and tabular datasets, and build machine learning pipelines to train and evaluate models using Google Cloud algorithms or custom training code. They can then deploy models for online or batch use cases all on scalable managed infrastructure.

The new service provides Docker images that developers run for serving predictions from trained model artifacts, with prebuilt containers for TensorFlow, XGBoost and Scikit-learn prediction. If data needs to stay on-site or on a device, Vertex ML Edge Manager, currently experimental, can deploy and monitor models on the edge.

Vertex AI replaces legacy services such as AI Platform Data Labeling, AI Platform Training and Prediction, AutoML Natural Language, AutoML Video, AutoML Vision, AutoML Tables, and AI Platform Deep Learning Containers.

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