Cost to Develop A Chatbot

Cost to Develop A Chatbot

A Chatbot is a computer program constructed to arouse communication with humans, especially over the Internet. Eliza was the first chatbot which was assembled at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory by Joseph Weizenbaum.

Chatbot has always been an integral part of any business. It is helpful for the people who are looking for a cheap assistant, communicating with the people even if its 4 AM. The primary aim of a chatbot app development is to offer services, support, and scale business team in their relations with clients. Chatbots have become a prevelant medium to interact with your customer, which is based on how it is programmed. Some are limited to reply only basic questions while others are more advanced & powerful in understanding the concerns solving out the complications quickly. There has been massive growth in the Chatbot Industry. Their demand rose more when popular social media companies like Facebook, Slack, and Telegram started to adopt it. According to Marketsandmarkets, the market of chatbot raised to $703 Million in 2016. The reports based on Google trends, we can see that the interest over time for the term “chatbot” as searched for by people worldwide.

A Chatbot is a computer program constructed to arouse communication with humans, especially over the Internet. Eliza was the first chatbot which was assembled at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory by Joseph Weizenbaum. Some of the examples are as follow:

Benefits of Chatbot app:

1.    Enhanced customer service:

Imagine you lose your 30% of your customers just because you weren't there to respond to their queries. The days are gone when you have to wait 10 to 20 minutes in a queue just for solving a query. Chatbots are programmed in such a way that even when you're replying rudely, they will answer your queries very politely and will resolve your queries. The primary factor for considering a chatbot is that it is available 24/7, where your queries are being answered at any time. That will result in your high sales and a good lead whenever a customer arrives and need some help regarding your products and services. As a person, there are some situations where a bot can't be replaced.

2.    Achieving Lead:

If you have a gorgeous website, there will be a higher chance of getting more leads. But before that, you have to figure out the need of the people. Based on the reports gathered, you can easily understand what consumer needs and can provide an excellent solution to them. A Chatbot enables you to follow-up on all the guests and visitors from the time of visiting the site to the time they make a purchase. During this period, the chatbot offers the necessary information and answers regarding your business, products, or services. It will also suggest some products which customers may find convenient. This full participation of the chatbot from start to the end can generate some good leads for your business.

3.    Auditing consumer data:

Keeping a chatbot on your site will grant you to gather data about your customers. From the data fetched, you can analyze and achieve some relevant insights. You can also tell them their choices based on what they like and what they don't. This will guide you in creating some immersive products and enhance your services based on their options and demands.

4.    Getting up-to-date:

It is necessary for you to be in trends to make your business stay consistent. Numerous customers of yours are also using Facebook messenger, and Telegram, which supports Chatbot. Your website can assimilate chatbots to allow more user engagement and can make your business reachable to more and more people. With the help of Chatbot, a user can easily explore information regarding your product and can make a purchase easily.

Types of Chatbot

There two types of chatbots that you can spend in.

  • Bots integrated into your app: The work of this chatbot is functioned inside a mobile app. It executes a specific function for the well-being of interaction proceeding between the user & application.

  • Bots which operate within Messenger: These type of chatbots reside in the messenger itself which supports bot interaction. It suits best for the businesses who aspire to keep social media as a center of their business model.

Cost of building a chatbot:

After having a look at the market of the chatbots and, advantages they provide; Let's have an overlook to the actual cost of developing a chatbot:

There are two ways to build a chatbot application:

  • Build your own: If you are equipped with a team of developers or you have capabilities to do programming, then you can easily develop a bespoke chatbot app based on your preferences & requirements. However, the significant drawbacks will be the cost and time required. Moreover, maintaining the whole chatbot will be your responsibility.

  • Adopt a Chatbot builder: This alternative frequently includes paying a month to month membership for a platform where you can construct your chatbot. In return, you will gain a framework to build upon, and support as well as maintenance from the vendor.

The approx cost of making a chatbot application is up to $30,000. The cost also includes the development, design and full integration part of the chatbot application. The cost also varies based on the modifications performed according to the features.

To discuss the actual cost of your chatbot app development, you can contact us or can hire professional app developers at just $15/hr. Alternatively, you can also visit us at Chatbot App Development Solutions.


Lastly, there is an end number of benefits of using a chatbot. Some of them are already mentioned in this article. Research shows that more people will prefer to chat rather than calling. With the improvement in technology, chatbots are built in almost every platform. The cost of developing a chatbot app varies from location, companies, and developers.

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