Best Books to Learn Vue in 2021

Best Books to Learn Vue in 2021

Looking to learn Vue in 2021? Or looking to level up your Vue skills? Here's a list of books that can help! The Complete Guide to Vue.js. Learn to Build Single Page Applications in Vue from Scratch. Vue.js in Action. The Vue 3 Masterclass

Looking to learn Vue in 2021? Or looking to level up your Vue skills? Here's a list of books that can help!.

Vue is a powerful and flexible frontend framework that we think every JavaScript developer should know. We recommend Vue over frameworks like React and Angular 2 for most applications. Here's a couple of reasons why:

  1. Easy to get started: Vue supports vanilla JavaScript and HTML, which means you can load Vue from a CDN and start using it in your HTML pages without any compilation step. For more sophisticated apps, the Vue CLI makes it easy to get started.
  2. Delightfully portable: Because of Vue's variety of syntaxes, support for Node.js, and excellent server side rendering support, Vue is flexible enough to handle almost any use case. Vue isn't just for standard single page applications! We use Vue as a templating language for HTML emails, as a minimal static site generator, and for drawing SVG graphics.
  3. Data binding done right: Vue 3 uses proxies to make it so that vanilla JavaScript assignments, like this.message = 'Hello', propagate automatically to the DOM. The Vue 3 composition API, with provide() and inject(), makes prop drilling obsolete. In other words, state management comes built-in: no need to install and maintain dozens of conflicting packages.
  4. Amazing community: Vue is an independent project maintained by a community of open source developers. There's also vibrant ecosystem of open source projects built around Vue, like Vuex and Vitepress.

Without further ado, here are the best books to learn Vue.js:

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