Power BI Visuals: Working with Filters

Power BI Visuals: Working with Filters

Learn how to apply filters to your data in Power BI step-by-step to create custom data visualisations. Power BI is a data analytics tool that can be used to analyze data with the help of Power BI visuals.

Power BI is a data analytics tool that can be used to analyze data with the help of Power BI visuals.

Power BI is a Microsoft application and is available as a desktop application as well as a cloud service. It comes with a variety of visual and filtering options that can be used to create Power BI visuals.

In this article, you will see how to use filters in Power BI visuals in order to filter out any information not required to be displayed.

Setting up an initial dataset

In order to demonstrate how to work with filters in Power BI visuals, we’re going to need some example data to work with. For this article, I have chosen the dataset held at this kaggle link. Step one is simply to download the CSV file which contains the data onto your PC.

Now that you have downloaded the data we need to upload it into Power BI.

To do this, from the menu at the top of the power bi window click the “Get Data” button, and then choose “Text/CSV” as the file type. You will find this second from the top in the dropdown list. This is shown in the screenshot below.

Importing CSV data into Power BI

Now that you have uploaded the file, your Power BI window should look the same as the image below. You will see that the dataset contains a list of countries and a variety of data on each one including the region of the world they are in, their populations, their geographical areas, their GDP etc.

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