How To Turn an Array Into a String Without Commas in JavaScript

How To Turn an Array Into a String Without Commas in JavaScript

If you need all array items converted into a single string without commas separating the elements, then you need to pass the empty string "" as an argument to the array .join() method.

Turn an Array into a String Without Commas

When you call JavaScript’s .join() (Array.prototype.join()) method with no argument, you’re actually using a comma.

The default behavior of .join() is to convert an array to a string with commas, so it’s the same as calling .join(",") explicitly.

When you call .join(",") you specify that you want a string literal "," to be the separator character, which will occur between each element. But it’s the same as .join() with no argument at all.

If you call .join("") with the empty string "" instead, then all of the elements will be joined together without commas.

We can demonstrate this behavior with the .split() method (String.prototype.split()), which splits up a string and returns an [array]( The .split() method also takes a separator character.

By default, .split() without an argument doesn’t split a string at all, so in that sense it’s not a perfect mirror of .join(). But .split(",") and .join() will be equivalent.

Both .join() and .split() can be used with any string of any length as the separator, but you’ll often see a single comma used, like when creating a .csv (comma-separated values) file.

In the following code examples, we’ll take a string separated by commas, turn it into an array of individual characters, and then join the array together as a string without commas.

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