Google CAMP shows you how to operate at scale

Google CAMP shows you how to operate at scale

Google CAMP drives improved business results via three main components: 1) tailored modernization advice gained through a data-driven assessment; 2) concrete solutions, recommendations, and best practices for application modernization; 3) a modern, yet extensible platform for everything from writing code, to running, operating, and securing your applications

The Google CAMP approach 

While the need for application modernization is evident, forging a path forward can be challenging for large organizations. Common hurdles revolve around maintaining visibility and control across disparate on-prem, hybrid, and cloud environments, often resulting in a disjointed developer experience. Additionally, navigating the modernization path necessitates an understanding of how to drive continuous progress, while leveraging the right metrics to guide business and IT decisions. Finally, while changing culture is critical, it’s hard—common pitfalls include treating transformation as a one-time project or driving app modernization as a top-down effort.

Google CAMP addresses these challenges in the following ways, thereby helping large enterprises successfully modernize their applications:

1. Data-driven assessment and benchmarking: First and foremost, Google CAMP provides a data-driven baseline assessment. Whether you're building a Kubernetes, serverless, or mainframe application, the Google CAMP assessment shows you where to start your application modernization journey, identify your priorities, and how to maximize your ROI.

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