UX best practices for the setup process

UX best practices for the setup process

Sometimes, signing up for a service or setting up a new account can be stressful, even with the convenience of online-everything. As a user, you may second guess yourself in the process: Did I miss an important step? Was I supposed to click that button? This uncertainty is understandable. You need to get something done, but there are a few things standing in your way. And if the user interface (UI) isn’t designed well or the copy isn’t clear, then it’s safe to say the experience may not be all that pleasant.

UX design and microcopy working together If you’ve ever experienced a really good (or really bad) software product, you might be familiar with UX design. UX designers design the interaction between people and products, especially the UI. You probably see the work of UX designers every day when you scroll through your social media news feeds or check your email. Each button, menu, screen, and other elements are usually carefully researched, designed, developed, and tested.
Words are another element of design. They help connect your users with your product and your brand, whether it be via button text, error messaging, menu labels, or other forms of on-screen copy. These words also help guide users so that they’re able to use the product easily (and have some fun while doing so). Many UX professionals call the interface copy "UX copy" or "microcopy." Whatever you call it, it’s important to make sure your design and microcopy work together. When designers and UX writers team up, they have the power to create an intuitive and useful human-machine interaction.

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