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Paris Turcotte


Monitoring Velero Backup and Restore With BotKube

One of the key challenges for Kubernetes Day 2 operations is observability, i.e. having a holistic view of your system’s health. This is where BotKube helps to improve your monitoring experience of your Kubernetes clusters by sending notifications to supported messaging platforms. BotKube helps you solve several interesting use cases, for example, monitoring Velero backup failure or certificate issue/expiry status by cert-manager, etc. In this blog, we will configure BotKube to monitor your Velero backups and restores.

What Is BotKube?

BotKube is a messaging tool for monitoring and debugging Kubernetes clusters. BotKube can be integrated with multiple messaging platforms like - Slack, Mattermost, or Microsoft Teams to help you monitor your Kubernetes cluster(s), debug critical deployments, and gives recommendations for standard practices by running checks on the Kubernetes resources. — BotKube website

What Is Velero?

Velero is an open source tool to safely backup and restore, perform disaster recovery, and migrate Kubernetes cluster resources. — Velero website

It supports snapshotting of your cluster’s persistent volumes using your cloud provider’s storage and restoring the persistent volumes from the snapshots.

While considering backup solutions for disaster recovery, we want to ensure backups for etcd — to restore our Master node and Cluster configs — and persistent volume for application data. With the help of Velero, you can create volume snapshots, on-demand backups, scheduled backups, or restore backups.

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Monitoring Velero Backup and Restore With BotKube