Crime Rate Prediction using Facebook Prophet

Crime Rate Prediction using Facebook Prophet

A Guideline to Make the Best Use of FB Prophet for Time Series Forecasting. Time series prediction is one of the must-know techniques for any data scientist.

Time series prediction is one of the must-know techniques for any data scientist. Questions like predicting the weather, product sales, customer visit in the shopping center, or amount of inventory to maintain, etc - all about time series forecasting, making it a valuable addition to a data scientist’s skillsets.

In this article, I will introduce *how to use Facebook Prophet to predict the crime rate in Chicago. *Split into 5 parts:

1. Prophet Introduction

2. EDA

3. Data processing

4. Model prediction

5. Takeaways

Let’s begin the journey.

1. Prophet Introduction

In 2017, Facebook Core Data Science Team open-sourced Prophet. As stated on its Github page, Prophet is:

  • a procedure for forecasting time series data;
  • based on additive models;
  • fit non-linear trends with yearly, weekly, and daily seasonality, plus holiday effect.

Prophet uses a decomposable model with three main components, including trend, seasonality, and holidays, as combined below:

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