The Economics of Home Roasting Coffee

The Economics of Home Roasting Coffee

The Economics of Home Roasting Coffee. It would not be uncommon for home roasters to go through an average of 4 to 6 cups of coffee or 4 double shots of espresso per day.

I started home roasting with a popcorn machine 6 years ago. I was more curious than anything if I would enjoy home roasting because it seemed buying a roaster would pay off after a few years. So I bought a variety kit and got to work. Turns out, I could save a lot of money given the right roast, but the downside is that I drink more coffee because it is cheaper and better. As a result, it probably costs the same, but I have more control over quality by home roasting.

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My first dive into roasting. All images by the author.

To start, I tried the popcorn maker, but it was very slow. I also tried the oven, but it was too smoky inside. I panicked quite a bit when my house filled with smoke, and all the smoke alarms were going off.

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When I moved to California, a coworker had just upgraded to a larger roaster and gave me his old roaster for free. It was a Hottop, one model older than the newest. The display was having some issues, and it finally broke after two years. However, I had developed my roast profile in the first year of use. Because I use the same profile every time, I can still navigate to the right spot.

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