Does UX makes organizations smarter?

Does UX makes organizations smarter?

Forrester Research’s report, “Rich Internet Application Errors to Avoid,” shows that 70% of projects fail due to lack of user acceptance.

Forrester Research’s report, “Rich Internet Application Errors to Avoid,” shows that 70% of projects fail due to lack of user acceptance.

These research reports tell us that organizations do not prioritize the UX (User Experience) process before initiating new digital projects and do not understand how it can benefit them.

It’s all about “_Does the shoe fit in that user’s foot?_”.

UX should be put in the business context. A lot of teams see UX as a product-level thing, but in fact, UX should go up from product all the way to the executive level. Another thing that is critical is letting UX teams have autonomy so they can influence. Usually, software development companies or independent software vendors have an engineering culture. These companies tend to subordinate UX because they’re more familiar with engineering and they expect UX to act and think and behave like engineers. UX team should be spending time with users collecting users’ pain points and feedback to keep executive, marketing and dev teams informed.

What Is The ROI (Return of Investment) of UX?

There are many case studies with ROI. The three key elements that lead UX path to success are:

  • Defining Personas can get you four times return on investment. It’s hard to do empathy when you don’t have an outside-in perspective. It’s important to conduct user research to understand the users’ characteristics, behaviours, needs and context of use.
  • Rapid Prototyping is 50% more accuratefor build time and costs estimations; 80% of development teams requests for clarification are reduced; and the amount of rework and bug fixes post launch can be reduced to 25%. Wireframing is a good mitigation — the best results come from testing no more than 5 users and running a rapid prototype as a test solution. Using this understanding is essential to avoid building the wrong product.
  • And finally, Usability testing makes teams smarter by improving design decision making with the results. Evaluating the design with users by conducting usability testing and making changes based on the findings in an iterative design process. MacAfee redesigned its ProtectionPilot software in 2004 to improve its usability. Tech support calls were decreased by 90% after launch. With 20,000 downloads over a 10 week period, there were only 170 support calls.

Rapid prototyping

Prototyping — Source: Unsplash

UX Helps Achieve Business Goals

Good user experiences don’t happen by chance. They are purposely designed through a user experience design process that aims to create a solution that meets both business and user needs. How?

  • Understanding business and user needs to design a solution that follows human factors principles and design best practices. *Scenario-driven design *is an approach to understand customer contexts, tasks, their needs and desires and put that in a scenario and then model it.
  • Identifying barriers using analyticsAB testing and user testing is really important to user success and to boost ROI.
  • Determining the business impact of potential changes through cost-benefits analysis like SWOT analysis and business model Canvas.
  • Creating measurable business goals and targeting specific aspects of design.
  • Collecting detailed user goals and explicitly document scenarios like Personas and Journey Maps.

User Journey Map is also known as Customer Journey Map is a a visualization of the process

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