Visualizing the Future of Computer Vision Across Businesses

Visualizing the Future of Computer Vision Across Businesses

The cognitive advancements in artificial intelligence are strengthening computer vision beyond human intelligence. Today, [computer vision services]( "computer vision services") are...

The cognitive advancements in artificial intelligence are strengthening computer vision beyond human intelligence. Today, computer vision services are invading key business operations such as marketing, advertising, and customer services to deliver impactful insights and experience. It is, therefore, essential for emerging business ventures to capture the light of computer vision for achieving augmented business intelligence.

This blog post explores some effective computer vision developments and related business applications.

1) Brand Monitoring and Expanded Tagging The object detection capabilities under AI development services are generating more business value while strengthening security. Today, businesses are extending the benefits of computer vision (CV) technology to different operations including brand awareness, marketing, and advertising.

Here’s how computer vision is evolving within the digital business landscape-

a) With massive data inputs, computer vision systems can now detect more objects per image with better accuracy and precision.

b) Consumer brands are tracking the effectiveness of their online campaigns by detecting and monitoring brand logos, images, and videos of interest.

computer vision services

c) Also, computer vision services can generate significant insights and brand influencer metrics from campaign images and videos. The expanded tagging capabilities of computer vision enable SMBs to identify and classify objects without heavily investing in extensive machine learning models.

computer vision tagging

Source- Github

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2) Facial Gesture Recognition Computer vision has yielded satisfactory results in its attempt to train machines to identify and distinguish streams of human faces. Today, diverse businesses are combining this AI technology with complex deep learning and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for-

a) Automating healthcare report analysis

b) Strengthening security

c) Inspecting manufactured products for defects

d) Guiding automobiles by identifying people and traffic signals

In addition, the media and entertainment industry are experimenting with facial gesture recognition techniques to power gaming instructions and in-app activities.

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How does Oodles AI use computer vision to reinvent business operations? We, at Oodles, combine various facial recognition applications such as human-computer interaction, behavior analysis, and teleconferencing to build CV systems. Our experiential knowledge in producing deep video analytics solutions has optimized the workflows of global businesses in the following manner-

a) Automated attendance systems using facial recognition techniques, CNN and histogram of oriented gradients (HOG) models for securing corporate infrastructures.

b) Real-time object detection and video analytics with over 80% accuracy in distinguishing anomalies and defects for manufacturing businesses.

c) Extensive image tagging and content management for dynamic digital marketing.

3) Visual Question Answering Under deep learning, Visual Question Answering (VQA) enables a system to channelize image recognition and natural language processing (NLP) technologies for-

a) Binary Classification– Answering queries regarding the placement of objects in an image

b) Tally– Counting the number of specific subjects or objects

c) Open-ended questions– Inferring the object’s spatial and contextual information

Data analysts are exploring the potential business applications of VQA in managing product-related queries, detailing product specifications, and real-time traffic updates. Its impact on business operations and customer services is poised to spiral customer satisfaction and business development.

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Exploring Computer Vision services with Oodles AI Artificial intelligence is entering diverse business verticals to influence productivity and profitability in a futuristic manner. We, at Oodles, are empowering global businesses with AI and it’s underlying technologies like facial recognition, Natural language processing, predictive analytics and more. We are adept at building data-driven machine learning models that extract key business insights from unstructured data, graphics, videos, and other web content.

Talk to our AI development team to know more about our artificial intelligence services.

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