Understanding the difference between Azure AZ 303 and AZ 304 exam

Understanding the difference between Azure AZ 303 and AZ 304 exam

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architects training will prepare you to clear Azure AZ-303 & 304 certification exam with placement support and this best Azure training is accredited by Microsoft

According to the Azure architect course, this is what to expect around the various spaces of Azure on every test.


Foundation for the affirmation is centered around Azure assets like virtual machines, organizations, applications, and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) formats.

The practitioner will have information in arranging and conveying assets and formats, where the planner should pick how to give those assets — just as which register innovation to choose and any potential computerization openings.

Both the practitioner and the creator will likewise have information in application administrations, web applications, rationale applications and capacities, and holder-based applications like Azure Kubernetes Service.


Observing incorporates logging, measurements, announcing, and cautions.

The practitioner demonstrates their insight into backhanded checking, similar to execution limit, administration wellbeing, and spend, just as designing logging and alarms.

The planner will decide answers for cost minimization, observing apparatuses, and techniques like occasion steering and heightening. The plan would likewise wrap the dynamic for what measurements would be significant depending on the business needs.

The executives

The board has different regions encompassing business coherence, personality, and security, just as relocation from different foundations, specifically on-premises datacenters.

For character and security, the fashioner would coordinate blueprinting single-sign-on and verification with crossbreed and multifaceted alternatives, approval like job-based admittance control and tasks, administration methodologies utilizing Azure Policy and Azure Blueprint, lastly security arrangements like Azure Key Vault.

The practitioner will know about conveying these perplexing arrangements in another or existing Azure climate.

Business progression is tied in with keeping the lights on regardless. This includes reinforcement and calamity recuperation, load adjusting, and replication or other dissemination of applications and information across all pertinent locales of the business.

Relocation is another critical piece to the board, with the implementer ready to move responsibilities utilizing Azure Migrate and the creator ready to survey and decipher on-premises workers, information, and applications, at that point thinking of an arrangement for moving every responsibility to the cloud.


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