What is Axentro (AXNT) | What is Axentro token | What is AXNT token

What is Axentro (AXNT) | What is Axentro token | What is AXNT token

Axentro (AXNT) - It's a blockchain platform that offers the following features. Proof of Work mining with globally distributed rewards, Decentralized app framework for building services and apps that talk to the blockchain, A double chain that contains a slow chain based on Proof of Work intertwined with a fast chain based on Proof of History. What is Axentro (AXNT) | What is Axentro token | What is AXNT token

It's a blockchain platform that offers the following features. Proof of Work mining with globally distributed rewards, Decentralized app framework for building services and apps that talk to the blockchain, A double chain that contains a slow chain based on Proof of Work intertwined with a fast chain based on Proof of History.

Axentro Blockchain Platform

An original, proof of work Blockchain for decentralised Apps

CPU only mining

We want everyone to benefit from mining and not just those who can afford expensive mining rigs.

Distributed rewards system

Anyone mining anywhere on the network gets a share of the rewards.

Human readable addresses

Optionally aquire a human readable address which is much eaiser to remember and use.


Axentro has several really great features built into the core blockchain

Decentralised app platform

We want to be the go to platform for developing dApps. We will provide a developer portal, tools and tutorials covering everthing needed to get started building a range of dApps.

Decentralised app store

The dApp store will be a one stop location to find new dApps that people have built on the platform. Similar to other popular app stores it will have reviews, comments and ratings.

Integrated wallet & chat

Cross platform desktop light wallet with a built in secure chat capability. Secure chat will also permit wallet functionality such as checking balances and sending transactions.

Social media integration

We will provide a set of integrations for well known social media and chat platforms to provide similar but more restricted wallet functionality within the chat.

Payments hub

This will provide dApp builders with the capability to add shopping baskets, stores and simple payment plugins to the dApp to support taking payment in both the default AXNT token as well as user defined tokens.

Crypto exchange

We intend to build a crypto exchange which in phase 1 will facilitate exchange of user defined tokens with the default AXNT token. In later phases more functionality will be added.



Axentro (AXNT) Public Sale will take place on VinDAX Launchpad starting on January 25, 2021 08:00 AM UTC

* Public Sale Event

Session 1:

Session Supply: 2,500,000 AXNT BTC Market: 600,000 AXNT ETH Market: 600,000 AXNT USDT: 700,000 AXNT VD: 600,000 AXNT Price: 0.70 USDT Starting Time: January 25, 2021 08:00 AM UTC Ending Time: January 27, 2021 08:00 AM UTC

Session 2:

Session Supply: 3,500,000 AXNT BTC Market: 850,000 AXNT ETH Market: 850,000 AXNT USDT: 950,000 AXNT VD: 850,000 AXNT Price: 0.80 USDT Starting Time: February 01, 2021 08:00 AM UTC Ending Time: February 03, 2021 08:00 AM UTC

*Bonus for session 2:

Each purchase order with more than 1000 AXNT will get 20% bonus paid in AXNT Each purchase order with more than 10000 AXNT will get 25% bonus paid in AXNT

*Project Introduction:

Axentro is an original proof of work blockchain platform that empowers developers to build decentralised apps quickly and cheaply. It features the following:

●     CPU mining using the award winning Argon2d hashing algorithm ●     Decentralised apps platform ●     Human readable addresses ●     Globally distributed mining rewards ●     Unique double helix chain with Slow and Fast transactions

Our Vision is: To be the go to platform for building dApps quickly and cheaply for business and gaming.

By designing Axentro from core design principles, we are not constrained by existing restrictive design decisions so we are able to create a platform that is:

●      Intuitive - to enable fast adoption by programmers and users ●      Flexible - to enhance creativity in dApp design ●     Scalable - to enable us to increase capacity as required

Axentro blockchain platform is a visionary journey to create a blockchain that is easy and cheap to use with great features.

A handful of developers created Axentro from nothing and over a period of 4 years we are finally at Mainnet.

We have a growing community that is actively encouraged to shape the future of the platform.

You'll find us open, transparent and genuinely interested in the technology and challenges. We are driven and sustained by our passion.

It’s not where we are right now that's important but rather the road ahead that is filled with exciting changes and incredible ideas.

Hardcap is 4,550,000 USDT Softcap is 200,000 USDT

*Project highlight:

Axentro is a constantly evolving blockchain platform. It's community driven and it was written from nothing by a group of very passionate and enthusiastic people over the last 4 years and we will keep going for many years to come because we are motivated by technology and excited about the future.

We have already built the foundations and released our mainnet which today has:

●     CPU only mining - to make mining more accessible to everyone ●     Globally distributed mining rewards - anyone mining anywhere on the network gets a share of the rewards ●     Human readable addresses built into the platform ●     Fast transactions that take only a couple of seconds

We have huge plans for the future to build the most amazing platform for building decentralised apps which will feature:

●     Easily and quickly build decentralised apps which can run in the blockchain and are cheap. ●     Smart Assets are our main offering which are digital assets that can be comprised of many parts such as a token, some data, automated code logic and much more ●     We will integrate our blockchain into all the main chat and social media applications ●     We will build tools, tutorials, a knowledge base and many other resources to help people build the applications of their dreams

When our apps platform is ready then there will be no limit to the amazing applications you can build and we have already got many ideas for things we want to build ourselves. So once we raise funds and get this built then you can look forward to:

●     Fintech applications that bring innovative ideas to area still stuck in the past (among us we have experts in banking/finance/fintech) ●     Gaming applications and integrations that fuse blockchain and games together from monetization to innovation

Humanitarian projects - change the world, heal the world, save the world, save humanity - we want all these things and believe through technology this is possible.

*Project Strength:

Our main strengths are:

●     We are community driven ●     We are open and transparent and friendly ●     We all have a massive passion for blockchain and cryptocurrency

Axentro has a growing community of great people who can help to shape its future. Getting regular suggestions and feedback from the community and then releasing those as features is very rewarding.

We are also flexible and can implement new things very easily as we have complete freedom with the code because it was written from scratch and not forked from another project. Our developers are people with extensive experience working as professional developers for high profile names.

Axentro started its journey 4 years ago and recently launched mainnet so we will still be around for many years to come building amazing things. We are driven by passion and motivated by technology.

*Common Links:

Website Link:  https://axentro.io/ Telegram Group:  https://t.me/axentro Facebook Link:  https://www.facebook.com/Axentro-100488985226571/ Twitter Link:  https://twitter.com/axentrohq LinkedIn Company Link:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/axentro Youtube Link: http://www.linkedin.com/in/p2psf Instagram Link:  https://www.instagram.com/axentro.blockchain/ Medium Link:  https://medium.com/@axentro

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Thank for reading!

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