What Can You Build with Node.js?

What Can You Build with Node.js?

Things you can build with Node js? Some Node.js project ideas for you to consider in 2021. JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world and Node.js - Why Would You Consider Node.js for Your Project.

Some Node.js project ideas for you to consider in 2021.

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world and Node.js is the go-to technology for bringing JavaScript to the backend of web applications. Each year, Node.js continues to break new grounds in terms of both popularity and features.

As Node.js becomes increasingly popular, Node.js Developers get to work with more and more challenging Node.js applications. Node.js apps vary in scale, business objectives, markets targeted and all sorts of technological nuances. But at the same time, they all aim to take full advantage of Node.js’ selling features such as high performance or suitability for microservices-based architecture. In this article, I’m going to show you some of best Node.js works, hoping that it might give an idea on how to create Node.js project of your own.

Yes… you’re not going to read here about the biggest and trendiest companies in the world such as Uber, LinkedIn or eBay and their Node.js stories. This time, I want to show you the kind of projects I’m doing on a daily basis and through this just how relevant this JavaScript runtime environment is to your business. These Node.js application examples may also give you some interesting ideas for Node application projects.

Before I get to that, let’s find out why 2020 may just be the best year Node.js ever had and why it is so important.

Node.js is mostly employed for large web applications so it’s never going to take the spot of PHP as the most used technology on the web. Still, it’s worth noting that according to the W3Techs charts, Node.js websites percentage share keeps on growing:

So does the adoption of the technology among software developers, as evidenced by one quick glance at the latest  Stack Overflow Survey. Node.js is now the most popular technology in the “Other Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools” category, with 51.4% of all respondents admitting to using it to some extent.

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