Face Recognition with Python and OpenCV

What is face recognition? Or what is recognition? When you look at an apple fruit, your mind immediately tells you that this is an apple fruit. This process, your mind telling you that this is an apple fruit is recognition in simple words. So what is face recognition then? I am sure you have guessed it right. When you look at your friend walking down the street or a picture of him, you recognize that he is your friend Paulo. Interestingly when you look at your friend or a picture of him you look at his face first before looking at anything else. Ever wondered why you do that? This is so that you can recognize him by looking at his face. Well, this is you doing face recognition. Face Recognition With OpenCV and Python

Face Detection in OpenCV

Example of Face Detection using OpenCV in Python. We will discuss how we can apply Face Detection using OpenCV. We go straightforward with a practical reproducible example. The logic it the following: We get the image from the URL (or from the hard disk). We convert it to an numpy array and then to a grayscale.

Edge Detection OpenCV | Laplacian Sobel and Canny Edge Detection using OpenCV Python

This video explains the concepts of Canny, Laplacian and Sobel Edge Detection in Python OpenCV. In this video we will see how to implement all the three edge

Create a Virtual Pen and Eraser with Python OpenCV - Genial Code

Learn Free how to create a virtual pen and eraser with python and OpenCV with source code and complete guide. This entire application is built fundamentally on contour detection. It can be thought of as something like closed color curves on compromises that have the same color or intensity, it's like a blob. In this project we use color masking to get the binary mask of our target color pen, then we use the counter detection to find the location of this pen and the contour to find it.

Pedestrian Detection OpenCV Python | OpenCV Projects

Hello, Guys, I am Spidy. I am back with another video.In this video, I am showing you the tutorial How you can implement Pedestrian (Human) Detection using P...