Introducing AmityFinanceLtd — A Crypto Asset Investment Opportunity

Introducing AmityFinanceLtd — A Crypto Asset Investment Opportunity

AmityFinanceLtd is a bitcoin investment platform that utilizes blockchain to provide users a highly regulated cryptocurrency investment system.

Cryptocurrency has become a major player over the years with high investment potential. This tells us that bitcoin isn’t going anywhere however the market volatility may be. Surely, crypto enthusiast may want to invest in bitcoin as the bull market won’t stop any sooner. For this reason, AmityFinanceLtd is designed to provide an easy interface to invest and earn from cryptocurrency.

AmityFinanceLtd is well sophisticated bitcoin investment platform that presents with the opportunity to invest your BTC and earn more profits. It also supports the individual and institutional investors to manage their crypto assets easily.

AmityFinanceLtd investors can easily invest their BTC or ETH on the platform by choosing the investment plan that they seem fit. Currently there are four major investment plans provided, that include Silver Plan, Gold Plan, Diamond Plan, Platinum Plan. These plans vary from each other based on the initial investment amount and the percentage of profits that’s generated from it daily.

Here are the details of investment plans for your reference-

  • Silver Plan supports minimum investment of $20 and a Maximum investment of $100 with daily lifetime profit of 4%.
  • Gold Plan supports minimum investment of $200 and a Maximum investment of $999 with daily lifetime profit of 6%.
  • Diamond Plan supports minimum investment of $2000 and a Maximum investment of $9999 with daily lifetime profit of 8%.
  • Platinum Plan supports minimum investment of $10000 and a Maximum investment of $100000 with daily lifetime profit of 10%.

As mentioned earlier the minimum deposit amount is $10 and the maximum one time deposit that can be carried out is $50,000. The enthusiastic investors can carry out several deposits based on their requirements. Even to those who have zero knowledge about cryptocurrency / bitcoin or crypto currency trading can receive decent profits by investing their crypto assets. This is mainly possible for AmityFinanceLtd as it is involved in cloud mining and cryptocurrency trading. It enables the platform to earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies at ease without mining hardware, software, electricity or bandwidth.

Cryptocurrency may be new to you now, but it’s been an investment potential asset for some time now. Still the Crypto market is in its early stages and sure there will be plunging growth in the near future. Because of this reason crypto investments are best for smart financial investments.

Benefits of lnvesting in AmityFinanceLtd

The team of professional traders in AmityFinanceLtd deals with the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies who are well experienced with profitable trading.

  • AmityFinanceLtd uses one of the trusted DDos protection and mitigation provider.
  • The platform uses Comodo SSL security encryption for its security purposes.
  • Its a legal company registered in UK and its services are always available for the global investors around the clock.
  • Instant withdrawal is supported by the platform and all the payments are carried out instantly with 24x7 support.
  • Affiliate program is also available in the platform where the users can become an affiliate and earn more profits.
  • There isn’t any limit on how much the users can earn, the more the investment the more will be the returns.

Remember, the early stage investors of bitcoin and ethereum had the opportunity to make millions of dollars in pure profits. This is mainly because of their wise choice to invest in cryptos by seeing its future opportunities.The AmityFinanceLtd is now open to support your cryptocurrency investment journey. Create your investment profile today and invest to earn.

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