What’s The Difference Between Static and Class Methods in Python?

What’s The Difference Between Static and Class Methods in Python?

All you need to know about classmethod and staticmethod .What’s The Difference Between Static and Class Methods in Python?

Apart from instance methods — which are the most common class members in the context of object oriented programming — classes in Python can also have static and class methods. The language comes with two decorators, namely @staticmethod and @classmethod , that allow us to define such members in classes. It is important to understand these concepts as they will help you write object-oriented Python which is more clear and properly structured and will eventually make maintenance much easier.

In this article, we are going to explore what each of the two does, how to create them and also in which cases you should use one over the other.

Take a moment to go through the code below as this will be used as the example Python class that we are gonna use to explore a few concepts.

class Employee:


    def __init__(self, first_name, last_name, salary):
        self.first_name = first_name
        self.last_name = last_name
        self.salary = salary
    def give_raise(self, amount):
        self.salary += amount
    def employee_from_full_name(cls, full_name, salary):
        split_name = full_name.split(' ')
        first_name = split_name[0]
        last_name = split_name[1]
        return cls(first_name, last_name, salary)
    def increment_employees(cls):
        cls.NO_OF_EMPLOYEES += 1
    def get_employee_legal_obligations_txt():
        legal_obligations = """
        1\. An employee must complete 8 hours per working day
        2\. ...
        return legal_obligations

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