How IoT helped grocery stores revolutionize your home delivery

How IoT helped grocery stores revolutionize your home delivery

This statistic depicts the results of a survey conducted from September to October 2017 across 12 cities in India about the acceptance of Internet of Things (IoT) for food supply management.

We often see IoT being implemented in various homes and building operating systems. IoT consists of several computer devices, machines, or objects interconnected to transmit data over a network without the involvement of humans. Grocery stores are now fascinated with IoT and are looking for ways to implement it in their stores. Customers prefer entering an app or a store, buying what they want, and getting out as soon as possible. Grocery stores are looking for ways to smoothen this process. This is where IoT takes center stage. Many people are looking to buy groceries from the comfort of their homes. With smartphones becoming increasingly popular, grocery stores are using digital technology to enhance user experience. However, few stores are still wary of implementing such advanced technology. Let us have a look at the impact IoT has on the home delivery system:

Automated delivery driver flow:

With the help of IoT, the delivery executives automate processes and effectively plan their trips. The IoT system monitors the delivery process and helps the delivery executives stay a step ahead. For example, if the delivery driver's vehicle breaks down, the IoT system will notify the nearest service station for help. In case there is a weather alert, the IoT system will alert the driver to pursue a different route.

IoT overtaking traditional tracking:

The use of cloud-based real-time tracking has helped grocery store managers keep track of their freight in a better way. Managers can track the location and route that the cargo is following. This has made delivery operations more transparent. For example, the grocery store has placed an order for products from abroad. With the help of IoT, the manager can track the route of the freight. In case the freight is taking a long time to deliver, the manager can identify causes for the delay.

Alert warehouses:

With the help of IoT, grocery stores have a better handle on their warehouse. This helps them stray away from any mishaps during delivery. IoT automates warehouses and alerts the grocery store when there is a high demand for any product and in case there is a shortage of any product. Grocery stores have benefited greatly by developing Grocery delivery app integrated with IOT in their home delivery system.

Around 40.1% of respondents stated that they would probably accept new technology relating to IoT for food & grocery supply management in their homes.- Statista

The advantages of IOT in Grocery Delivery:

Better supply chain management:

Grocery stores have modernized their home delivery system with the use of IoT. They can now see the way products leave the warehouse, reach delivery locations, and finally, the customers. Grocery stores can also keep track of perishable products and the temperature at which they were stored. They can now deliver perishable goods in excellent condition. All this has been made possible with the help of IoT.

Enhanced customer service:

IoT has given grocery stores a chance to leverage customer data. With the help of IoT, grocery stores have a deeper understanding of what customers want. They offer discounts to customers who wish to avail of their home delivery services. This also improves customer loyalty. IoT also sends push notifications to customers based on their previous orders. When customers receive customized push notifications, they tend to shop more from this store.

Insights & Reports:

IoT helps grocery stores record and analyze the transaction history of customers. They can use this data and provide discounts to customers. When the store knows what a customer prefers, they can use this data and provide attractive discounts. They also offer free home delivery to regular customers.

Automated delivery systems:

Customers often complain that they are unable to track their orders. With the help of IoT, grocery stores can relieve customers of this burden. IoT has enabled transparent delivery tracking systems. Users can now track their orders right from where the product left its warehouse. When grocery stores provide such features to their customers, it increases their brand image as well. In addition to this, grocery stores need to pick the best IoT solutions provider. Aglowid is known to provide top-notch IoT solutions to grocery stores. Implement the best IoT solutions to your grocery stores and revolutionize home delivery!

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