Improve Laravel application performance in 2021: Optimization and Tuning Guide

Improve Laravel application performance in 2021: Optimization and Tuning Guide

In this Blog, A compilation of 13 best practices and tips to improve Laravel application performance to excel in the market competition.

Entrepreneurs and developers have been using Laravel for their backend technology since 2011. Many experienced developers believe that Laravel is the most prominent reason why PHP is sustained in the market so far in recent times.

Well, who would challenge that claim? After all, Laravel is widely known for its website optimization for enhancing its speed. You might think why does the speed even matter but the stats show 75% users never visit the site back if it does not load into 4 seconds! Isn’t it something you should not miss?

Suppose you are planning on working in Laravel. In that case, you must know all about its functionalities to get the optimum advantage of it, as Laravel can get enhanced results by fine-tuning the performance of any website. However, you must be aware of it first to use it first.

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Functionalities and practices listed below are considered one of the best techniques for working into Laravel:

1.Config caching 2.Enhance command uses 3.Routes caching 4.Remove Unused Service 5.Classmap optimization 6.Optimizing the composer autoload 7.Minimize use of plugins laravel developer 8.Limit Included Libraries 9.Apply eager loading 10.Choose a fast Cache and Session driver. 11.Precompile Assets 12.Assets Bundling 13.Assets minifying

These were the basic tactics and functions that developers must be aware of although, there are plenty of minor yet significant techniques one has to regularly practice to this quite common question from many developers of the community How to improve Laravel Performance. After all, in the end, user experience matters right!

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