How to make Facebook private? Hide Facebook Pages and Profiles

How to change your name on Facebook? You might sign up for an account on Facebook. You see that your character has a mistake, and you are willing to change your name on Facebook. I am going to share with you how to change your name on Facebook today.

It would be best if you made a change in your Facebook account to set your profile information visibilities. You may start changing by Privacy. The most common things come to mind about How to make Facebook private.
You have to log in to your account through your mobile.
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  • You may click on the three visible horizontal lines on the right top side of the Facebook Mobile App.
  • Now you can go down by scrolling the screen down to the bottom.
  • Now click on the gear icon with text setting & Privacy with down drop option.
  • You may see many options have popped up on the screen.
  • Now click or tap on the text written Settings option.
  • Now you are in Account Setting options.
  • Would you please click on personal information in the account setting?
  • After clicking on the personal information, you may see your name, contact info and manage your account.
  • Click or tap on the name option.
  • Now you can change your desired name easily.

There are many things that you can change. When it sees dating on Facebook, you know Facebook has an option for dating, and if you see that Facebook dating is not showing up, please don’t go panic. Facebook is a big social media platform, covering almost all the things you need in one place. You may activate facebook dating by some steps.

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How to make Facebook private? Hide Facebook Pages and Profiles