Using Python to Find the Cheapest Air Tickets and Their Timings

Using Python  to Find the Cheapest Air Tickets and Their Timings

A handy guide on using web-scrapping to find the cheapest airline tickets over a time period for specific departure times.

Travel aggregators over the years have done a great job of creating common platforms from where one can choose a plethora of flight and hotel options. This has enabled more flexibility for the users who can now book as per their preferred timings as well as the airlines. In fact the user interface for sites over the years has also become a lot more friendly for the customer to be able to sort and filter as per personal preferences.

During my study of such sites over the last few months, where I have spent some time planning post COVID trips, I figured there was one critical feature missing from most of these sites. The websites generally offer to sort the options by price (lowest to highest) over a given day. Some websites even display the cheapest options by day in the coming days in the date selection panel. However, a major concern during times like COVID-19 where many states have night curfews, or a scenario from the point of safety as well, is that one would like to avail the cheapest option during the period of preferred time slots. No website as of now is offering the option to check for cheapest flights over the next few days during a particular time slot. This feature has become important in the current times and could be of great benefit to the customers wanting to finalize travel itineraries. So, till the time such feature is offered on the travel websites, we will try and build this on Python, using Selenium.

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