Azure Fundamentals Certification Training

Azure Fundamentals Certification Training

At Dot Net Tricks, we are providing Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification and training program. Expand your knowledge with understanding Microsoft Azure cloud and offerings.

The Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals Training Program makes you proficient in developing, planning and scaling your web applications on Microsoft Azure. It includes training on core Azure services; core solutions and management tools on Azure; general security and network security features; identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features; and Azure cost management and Service Level Agreements.

azure fundamental certification

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Azure Fundamentals Certification (AZ-900) – Pass the Exam With This Free 3-Hour Course

What is Microsoft Azure? Microsoft Azure is a cloud service provider. A cloud service provider (CSPs) is a technology company that offers multiple cloud services. Azure has listed over 600 cloud service offerings, from computing to storage to databases to machine learning. Azure is the second most popular cloud platform behind Amazon Web Services (AWS). Still, many long-lived or large tech companies are embracing both cloud platforms. This may be because Azure is able to compete on cost, niche

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This guide provides information and resources to prepare you for the Azure Data Fundamentals" (DP-900) certification. It also gives you some tips and recommendations based on the experiences of other data architects who have approved and are certified in Azure.