Convert String To Array Using Javascript Split Method

In this tutorial, you’ll be going to learn how to convert string to array using javascript split method. The easiest approach to use javascript built-in method String.split(). JavaScript split string method return array of a substring after splitting a string based on the separator you provide. The separator might be a string, special character or […]

How To Easily Convert A Javascript Array Into a Comma Separated String

Some of you probably already knew this, but I only recently discovered this (accidentally) while building a wrapper around Postgresql queries in Node, and my mind is blown, to be honest. Calling toString() on an array will automatically return the values within as a comma-separated string. Best of all, unlike other implementations, there is no hanging comma either. How To Easily Convert A Javascript Array Into a Comma Separated String

Javascript Tutorial - Convert Array into Comma Separated String Example

How we can convert array into string with commas or without commas by Javascript

JavaScript tutorial - string vs array

This tutorial shows how the same functionality can be applied to both string and array. Also, it explains why strings can be treated as arrays in many cases.

Javascript Array From Example | Array.prototype.from()

Javascript array from() is an inbuilt function that creates a new, shallow-copied array instance from an array-like object or iterable object.